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You never know what direction the WWE are going with Zack Ryder. That video could mean that he is going heel(which I hope is the case) but it also can mean that he's just fed up and he'll be down on himself all the time now.

I am interested to see where they're going to go with him. I'm not a fan of him anymore because he's become boring, so I hope he changes his character.


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I thought that was going to be real and I was looking forward to it, but that was him roasting Zakk Wylde.


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Not sure if anyone has seen them but there is a parody Hilter video from movie Downfall. Well video is always same but. Subtitles are different for each video. The wrestling ones are priceless especially the one about Taker's streak ending. Won't post link in case people are offended. Just type Hilter funny videos wrestling