YouTube is not Downing AMVs


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Apparently it's a rumor that got out of control.

"Dear Answerman, I read online that on December 1st Youtube is going to permanently remove all anime music videos. is there any truth to that?? why would youtube do that??

Short answer: no, there's no truth to that.

This site seems to be the primary source for that "rumor" (I prefer to call it an "obnoxious lie made up by some bored fan"), and it's been discussed in a few places, including the forums on this site and a handful of blogs. Nobody was ever able to find any kind of official source on it; basically, it's like the old "sign this petition to prevent George Bush from banning anime!!" thing, which was also started by bored fans.

Speaking directly to the issue, it's a silly rumor to start anyway - 20th Century Fox can't even consistently keep Family Guy clips from being uploaded constantly to YouTube, and while anime companies have made some attempts to keep their shows off the site, the fans who upload these things are so diligent and YouTube's submission process is so open that it's virtually impossible to keep any sort of content off the site. While AMVs sometimes get knocked out when YouTube sweeps for fansubs of licensed series, I've seen nothing to suggest that they specifically pursue AMVs for deletion. Even if they did, someone would reupload the content within minutes anyway.

I'm not sure why people try to start rumors like this. Maybe they're just looking for a little attention, or they want people to get all whipped up into a frenzy (which isn't hard to do considering how there's a small but vocal contingent of fans out there tend to behave like they're desperate to be persecuted in some way, something that these rumors really feed into).
Regardless of their reason, remember to always check the source when you hear something like this being thrown around. If it smells bogus, it usually is, especially when it comes to things like this."

Source ANN.


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I was under the assumption you don't need one in order to view AMVs there. I downloaded AMV Hell from there without signing up for an account.