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YouTube.com vs. uTube.com


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This is very interesting. A used metal tube manufacturing company www.utube.com has been receiving millions upon millions of extra traffic due to people spelling "YouTube.com" wrong when typing it in.

YouTube Confusion Shuts Down Utube Site

They received 68 MILLION visits just last month alone. If they only knew how much money they could be making from this typo fortune they are sitting on.

They are receiving around 2 MILLION visits per day. This means that if they were to put some pay per click ads on their site, or even convert the entire page into a pay per click landing page, they could probably bring in several thousands of dollars per day EASILY. I would really be interested to see how much they could make by doing this.

Right now they aren't benefiting from the traffic at all. 99.9999% of YouTube.com users have no use for used metal tubes, so all they are doing is wasting bandwidth right now.

They have turned down offers of $1,000,000 for their domain name.

Personally I think it's worth more like $10,000,000, so I think they are wise to hold out.

The domain could easily make 1 million dollars per year with the right PPC ads on it.


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I know it is a marketing strategy for some to purchase domain names that are similar to those that are finding success. For instance Google has puchased a number of domain names associated with mashups.

the utube thing is a goldmine.