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YouTube channels of all wreslters/personalities?


Please post YouTube channels of any known wrestler and/or personality.

Melina - YouTube name: RealMelinaDotCom
(video to get to her channel faster: YouTube - It's Me, Melina Perez!)

Zack Ryder - YouTube name: LongIslandIceZ
(video to get to his channel faster: YouTube - Z! True Long Island Story Episode # 1)

Scott Hall - YouTube name: scotthalltv
(video to get to his channel faster: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S-OZGttnk14&)

Ted DiBiase - YouTube name: TheDibiasePosse
(video to get to his channel faster: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pyuYcjfZ5X4)

Shawn Michaels - YouTube name: FollowShawnMichaels
(video to get to his channel faster: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gcCovGstcco)

Matt Hardy - YouTube name: MATTHARDYBRAND
(video to get to his channel faster: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ookkjy3bz3g)

Would be nice to gather them all up so we have them available when anybody wants them. I like checking them out and seeing what they are like in real life... even though some of them stay in character.
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Curt Hawkins - YouTube name: TheCurtHawkins

(direct link: YouTube - ????? TheCurtHawkins)

Looking forward to seeing this one, just came out and I'm hoping for Hawkins to have some success in 2011. Hoping, not counting on it.

In his first and only video so far, he says that he wants to be heard, that he hasn't been on TV (so YouTube is a good venue); talks about being in the Battle Royal at WM and bashes on the fact that Khali won it...says that fans were cool to him at Axxess so he figured he'd start a channel.
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LOL - I assume he was staying in character since he was attacking The Great Khali slightly. If not, then he might be jobbing to Khali for awhile if WWE writers saw this. Haha

Thanks for postin', I didn't know Curt had a channel, yet. The only thing I hope is more of a mix between his gimmick/alter ego and real life him.


Haters gonna hate.
Curt just got a whole lot more interesting to me, in terms of his behaviors and character.

He still has nothing on Ryder's videos. Cause I am totally broski of the week, to say for sure.


Haters gonna hate.
Shane Helms - YouTube Name: ShaneHelmsCom

Direct Link: YouTube - ????? ShaneHelmsCom
Hah! Shane Helms. What a joke, he is. I hated him the entire time he was in the WWE... way too cocky for his own good. This channel just confirms my thoughts.