YouTube Bloodsports


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If you've been on YouTube recently (Which, chances are you have), you will have seen the animal vs. animal videos. Also, if you've been unfortunate enough to have read the comments you will see that there is a highly negative response to these sorts of videos.

Bloodsport, defined as any form of entertainment that harms animals, is becoming popular more and more now that video sharing sites are becoming more prominent. However, we aren't talking dog or cock fighting, we're talking insect fighting. Among the most popular insects used are ants (Bullet or Fire), spiders (Of any variety), scorpions, and, since the start of the Iraq war, Camel spiders (Which aren't spiders, really).

It seems that a lot of people feel very passionately about this kind of thing, rating it as just as bad as dog fighting or bear baiting. How do you feel about this? Do insects deserve the same rights as animals when it comes to unnecessary cruelty? should YouTube and similar video sharing communities remove these videos due to public disgust?

If you have NO idea what I'm talking about, then here, this is a perfect example of what I'm talking about.

YouTube - Camel Spider Vs Black Widow


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I think it's fascinating watching insects and bugs fight. Even watching a spider prepare and eat it's meal- trapped and wrapped in the web- is a sight to behold. However, the moral implications are obvious. Insects forced to kill each other could be seen as inhumane. Personally I prefer to see the process occur naturally. I've wanted to own a spider for some time so I can watch it hunt it's meals. But I digress. Forcing insects into 'mortal combat' may as well be the same as bear-baiting and cock fighting- to some extent. No matter what the activists may argue, insects just aren't regarded in the same light as dogs, bulls or bears. Thousands of insects are stepped on every day and who are we to give a crap. So really it comes down to how society sees two "inferior" creatures fighting. We don't care about them, but in a utoppian world their lives would be regarded as equal to any other animals. That's not the case, so...
I think this is stupid on both sides. The people "setting up" the..."fights"...are stupid because they dont have anything better to do and the people..."protesting"...the..."fights"...are stupid because if they ever saw any of those things, they wouldnt hesitate to squish it a bug.

This just generally fails all around and everyone involved deserves to be raped by tyrone: