You're going to help me make a very important decision

Should I join the NAtional Guard

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Should I join the national Guard?
I asked my school counselor for information, all she told was that I can join a young soldier program at age 14 (i turn 15 in november). Should I follow through with it? I really want to, as I need to hone myself physically, plus the college money benefits.


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I picked yes. But no one can tell you what decisions you have to make, only you can do that. You know what is in your heart and what is best for you. Good luck, and I really respect you for wanting to join the army, it's a very tough and brave job!


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I wish it only said 'no'! I was in the Middle East for a while. The two reasons you've mentioned are to hone your physique and get monetary college assistance. Both can be sought, and achieved elsewhere.

If you're patriotic enough to not worry about possibly dying for your country, then I salute you and wish you the best of times and the best of health.

I was there.


I said no, but I really wish there was a button for its going to be your own decision.
I know some people that got totally screwed by the service, I know other people that made it work for them.

If your only going in for physical benefits and college money, you can get those both elsewhere.
You have to commit to them for several years, and there's no quitting your job when you get sick of it, your theirs.

The other thing is, half the time recruiters lie right to your face, most the people I know in the military aren't doing what the recruiter told them they'd be doing.

Another point would be, your only 14, when you get locked into those guys there's four years you don't get to spend with your friends, so when everyone is off to college, partying, starting to marry up and have kids, you won't be around for it, and when you come back and everyone is in a different place then where they were when you left.

The other thing is I don't know shit about what a young solider program is or what it entails.

Your decision, I personally never could stand being told what to do enough to consider it, but they also can't take me due to health issues, so I might be bias.
An important decision? In the hands of the internet? Are you mad, sir? :D

If you're patriotic enough to not worry about possibly dying for your country, then I salute you and wish you the best of times and the best of health.
QFT. Be aware of what you're headed into. A spell in the army can be a wonderful thing for a young person finding themselves. I'm not going to vote, though, as this is not something for the interwebbies to decide on imo but for you and your family! Hope you find all the feedback useful though. :)


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Man, your poll is at 50/50! F'in aye! I'm sorry. The bars aren't helping huh?

But as many have said, hopefully some of the words will trigger thoughts and considerations.

15 huh? You're an intelligent and wiser man inside my friend. If you believe in the Powers that be btw, then He/She is another good source for inspiration and answers.

All else fails, buy some dice! :)
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The National Guard also does humanitarian work and a reserve force so what you need to do is take into aconite every thing the national guard does and the bennifites like collage money and do you really whant to do it.


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I didn't vote because you didn't actually give good options to vote for, not ever service member see's action, dumbass. Stop being a pansy and choose something or don't, other people's opinions shouldn't sway your own judgments about your future.


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The National Guard in any other time than the Bush Administration would be an OK decision. But joining now, or in a few years is not the wisest thing to do. Nowadays the National Guard doesn't do what the name implies. You don't guard the nation. You go over seas to guard other's nations. Which is fucked up in my opinion. The Guard are supposed to be at home in case the British decide to come back and burn Washington.