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And then someone from the opposite lane stirs into yours and in the last second reverts back to his lane.
That's an example of stupidity/unawareness/ call it what you will on that driver's part.
When you see a driver doing something on the road that upsets you in any way how do you react?

1. Curse him under your breath.
2. Curse him out loud.
3. Reciprocate in action. (if someone overtakes you in a dangerous manner, you'll speed up just to overtake him yourself)
4. Curse + Reciprocate.
5. No reaction.


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I always go with number 2, Im not going to endanger my car or someone else's life by copying what they just did to make a point. So usually, I just cuss them out like a champ, always refreshing :3

Curse quietly. I know, I'm bad. :cute:

I try to control my temper since I DO have road rage. People really know how to tick me off, and it seems like a daily thing when somebody goes out of there way to make me angry.


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Technically I'm never the one driving. Yet, as a passenger I respond with a quiet bad mouthing. Quiet as in, the offender can't hear me.


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Mainly No. 2, but then again I swear at everyone that pisses me off hahah.


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Probably something along the lines of "pay attention you bitch" under my breath but as long as there is no injury or damage then I don't see a need to fluster the guy unless he keeps doing it.