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Your worst or best job interview.


Creeping On You
I'm sure that alot of people here have had bad job interviews. I myself have never had a horrible interview. All of mine have gone well. I've only had 3 in my life, and all of those ended in me having a job. I suppose alot of it is my naturally ability to appear confident, and I'm just a nice guy in person. Also my experience is pretty good too. Anyhow, all my interviews have been pretty good.

How about yourselves? Any memorable interviews? Embarassing moments, bad moments, good moments? What do you think you did wrong, or what did you do really good? Tell us all about your job interviews.


The Bad
--o UPS. The recruiter asked me "Have you ever in your life had a felony before?" I answered "No... Not yet." I knew as I soon as I said "Not yet" that I would no longer be considered for the position. I guess joking around so early isn't a good thing, eh? ~_^

--o Wal-Mart. I lied through my teeth so much that I tripped up on my own words when the other interviewer questioned me, and I believe they caught on. Lesson: Don't lie, it's not worth it - especially for a minimum wage at Wal-Mart. :lol:

You don't wanna hear about the good. Just boring stuff. =P
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Sally Twit
The worst one that springs to mind is one I had a few weeks back. I didn't read up on the job description because I was applying for every job out there and accepted every interview I got offered.
One of the first few questions was "What do you think you'll find most challenging in this role?"
Of course I hadn't read up on the job role so I went into a state of panic and said "umm" a lot until finally I just said "Probably the invoicing side of things as I've not had any experience in invoicing". The woman turned round to me and said "Ohh don't worry, that is something we've only just recently had to take on in this department and we're still learning about it too."
It was a nice save, but I never heard back from them. They didn't even call me to tell me I hadn't gotten the job!


/ˈɪzəˌbɛl/ pink 5
Probably the guy who interviewed me while eating his lunch with his co-workers. That was the stupidest impromptu interview ever. It was for an internal hiring so I was already with the company but was recommended to move to another job level and division (which the guy who interviewed me resented because I was new in the company and it took him longer to make that jump).


Registered Member
Probably the job interview where the interviewee asked the first question related to my school. It was "Isn't that the school where there were a lot of rapes? Didnt that guy Mike (removed title) get arrested for trying to solicit sex from a minor."

Yes my college had 5 rapes (one of them being a male raped by a female) in one year. And Mike was an alumni from my college who was a school teacher (at ironically my former high school) and was caught trying to solicit sex from his students.

Show me a person that can respond positively to that and I will show you a god amongst mere mortals.

I didn't get the job but I wouldnt want to work for a company that tied my success to another alumni's failures.


/ˈɪzəˌbɛl/ pink 5
Geez. How did you reply to that Swift? I would probably reply "Yes, and it's also the school where xxx, nobel laureate, went to (or something to that effect, name drop other cool graduates)" or "How is this relevant to the job I'm applying for?"

Of course, in reality if my interviewer asked that I'd probably laugh immediately or be speechless with the choice of question.


Registered Member
the interviewee said ,ok,what u plan for u career?say it in english!
i cannot think that moment ~~


Chirp Chirp
Nobel Laureate
You know The Nobster, too? :-o How are they these days? Haven't seem 'em in yonks.

My worst interview was my first, at the ripe age of 16. I was so unprepared that I'm suprised I remembered to slip my Thomas Tank y-fronts on before I left the house. Nervous, shy, didn't know a thing about the company and in all honesty, didn't go there believing I'd get the job. It was an awkward experience to say the least. The worst part -- as I was leaving, I walked up some stairs in front of my potential employer and stumbled near the top, inexplicably apologizing as I stood back up.

The next day, I became the satantic one night stand that took down your phone number.. calling back two or three times to find out the outcome of the interview from Hell, completely oblivious to the hints being slapped across my face.

You live and learn, aye.


rainbow 11!
I thought it was horrible. I was sooo nervous, tripping over my words a little bit. He asked me a few basic questions and then hired me. Haha Probably because I was dressed in a really nice and sophisticated outfit.

It was fun, though, despite being nervous, kind of like the time I dressed up as a Japanese school girl.


4 legs good 2 legs bad
Believe it or not I have actually had a job interview. It was over the phone for a computer aided drafting job. It went fairly well and the job was pretty much mine for the taking, but I chose not to do it.