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Your worst of 2007?


New Member
So shout from the roof tops, what are you worst games of '07. I recently discovered a site (sarcasticgamer.com) that made a parody song about some of the worst of '07, Bad Game.

My personal worst is Shadow Run.


Registered Member
the worst game not that I played but i actually bought was mario party 8 for wii. It had soo much potential but many of the games were actually designed for the gamecube and ported over to wii. There are some fun aspects of it but not to buy it. I wasted 5o bucks which hurt me deeply.


Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
I haven't played very many new games, but damn was Two Worlds a disappointing game.


4 legs good 2 legs bad
My personal worst is Shadow Run.
Really? I haven't played it, but supposedly it's pretty popular amongst competitive gamers. A lot of Halo professionals are playing Shadowrun now.

I haven't played many video games in 2007, so I'll just say the worst game ever is Super Mario Sunshine.


I am Heavy Weapons Guy
I played Mario party 7 at my friends house, and it was the worst game that I have ever played. It was terrible, the first one was better than it.


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My personal worst is Shadow Run.
I loved Shadowrun!!

My personal worst of the year is Call of Juarez (xbox 360) Gameplay was alright, but got extremely repetitive, AI was dumb, sometimes the game bugged out and didn't let me progress, and the multiplayer was unplayable


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Staff member
I don't play many new games so I've only played good games this year. In fact the only games I've played for more than an hour this year (that I remember) are Half-Life 2, Counter-Strike: Source, Battlefield 2/2142, and Team Fortress 2.


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I haven't really played to many new games, the only one that was really new was Fable. I will have to say I was disappointed in it, but it wasn't bad. I just thought it would have more depth to it. Oh, well, I didn't buy that one, just borrowed it from a friend.


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This is going to be insane to some people, Some of you (Steve Specifically) shouldn't read this because you will hate me

Guitar Hero games in General were for sure the worst

I know...

astonishing isn't it?