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Your worst job?


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Surely many of you have had your worst jobs?


Sally Twit
I've worked for the same company for over four years now and I've had four different jobs in that time. My first job for this company was "Office Junior" and it basically consisted of me being everyones slave. I had to hand out stationery, do the filing, data entry and other tedious tasks. It was extremely boring but it led to better things.


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My worst job may be when I was a foreign exchange trader. It's a temp thing I did while waiting for a real post-university job. Everyday we would stare at screens with graphs on the movement of foreign currencies. We'd make predictions out of it and also based on the current events around the world. The one I liked the least is calling people and proposing them to buy/sell at the appropriate times. I also didn't really enjoy the company of people I worked with except for my immediate team mates. Then there were times we're not doing anything at all (just waiting for markets to open) but have to pretend we're busy.


Endangered Species
When I worked at the airport, the job itself was not that bad but having to deal with pasengers was a nightmare. Being in hospitality, I of course was the one resonsible for their late flights and lost luggage:confused:, when you wear anything that closely resembles a uniform or a badge you can not walk from one place to another with out being aprehended by some disgruntled and usualy very rude prick.


Epic Gamer
The three (proper) jobs I've had all had bad points. The bar job can be stressful, but I enjoy it. The veggie shop had shitty pay, but sometimes it was nice to sit in the sunny window and chill out.

When I worked in a factory I hated it most of the time. I had to get up at 6.00am every morning, cycle into work, start at 7.30, finish at 5.15pm, and endure the boring toil of the exact same thing day in, day out, then cycle back home (mostly uphill). :sigh: Plus, I had a bastard of a supervisor. He would literally pick me out for things that everyone did, like stopping to get a cup of tea. Asshole.


still nobody's bitch
I was a hotel maid for two weeks. It was my very first job. I had no idea what to expect. It was horrible, but in retrospect I've had worse jobs and stuck it out far longer.

I worked at the local Visitors Bureau for 4 years; three of those years I was the Information Specialist. People would call me with the dumbest questions ever. They would also bitch at me when they would try to make hotel reservations in February for the University's graduation in May of the same year, when hotels had been booked solid for a year ahead of time. I really hated people when I had that job. Smoked a lot of weed then too.


Registered Member
My worst job also had the best pay,but I hated every single second of the two weeks I was there.
The job was simple,myself and two other's were to clean out an abandoned church,simple enough.
The pay was 75 quid a day,should have asked for more.

The entire floor was covered in a layer of pigeon shit about three feet thick,around the places where they could roost it going five to six feet,there was rotting pigeon shit,and rotting pigeon corpses.
We had to wear the safety outfit,overalls,masks,goggles,and gloves.

For two weeks I literally shovelled shit,and at the end didnt get so much as a thank you or good job!.


Boom Boom Pow!
I've had a few jobs, but the worst one would have to be when I worked in a French restauraunt as a Kitchen Porter. I had to wash dishes and cut veg. Was really stressful in the kitchen and I hated the chef. He wasn't very nice at all.


Well-Known Member
My worst job would probably be working at McDonald's. They put me on the grill all day flipping burgers and it sucked around that time because they had 49 cent cheeseburgers and people were ordering them left and right. I guess that would explain why I don't eat cheeseburgers that much anymore.


Supreme System Lord
I've only had one proper job, which is my current position.

I enjoy it but I don't love it. Monday mornings suck arse but the pay is decent and in the current economical climate I'm lucky to have a decent job.