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Your worst job


Wanna play?
When you think of working, what job seems like the one you'd really hate?

Not much of a surprise here, but for me it's being a maid. I hate cleaning my own house, the thought of doing someone else's makes me cringe.
A hotel maid would be the ultimate in depressing, not to mention changing those nasty sheets.:urp:


Working at the pound putting animals to sleep. I would hate doing that everyday putting innocent animals to death. That has to be the worst. :'(


~Lucky 13 strikes again~
I would have to say it was when I was a phone pirate for a while for Neo Data..I hated that job. I will never do that type of work again.


still nobody's bitch
I was a hotel maid for about two weeks.

I couldn't ever do sales, especially cold call sales.


The Original Kiwi
Landscaping in Arizona during the summer.

Also, maid ranks pretty high up there too.


Likes snow
I suppose I'd hate working in a restaurant. I don't really like cooking or cleaning dishes.


rainbow 11!
Working at Arby's.