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Your Worst Case Scenario Letter?


Secret Agent
Staff member
I had an idea just now in light of the recent death here. I'm not hoping anything happens to anybody else whatsoever, but one thing I think would be cool is if a bunch of us kept a "Worst Case Scenario Letter" on our computers somewhere. Basically, something that at least one person in RL knows about, or could be told about from another member here if necessary. Otherwise, if you have an actual will, you could always include instructions for finding this letter or letters in that, and instructions for who they are to be distributed to.

Basically, in this letter, which could be one open letter or individual private letters, we would write something that would be given out only in the case of an untimely death. It might seem morbid, but how many of us would love to get something from a good friend after such a tragic event.

I don't have one of these myself but after thinking about it lately I think I will probably make one. Just in case. I'm not superstitious so it won't bug me to do so. If anything I'd rather be able to choose my last words wisely, and ensure that they would be seen by those I wanted to see them.

This would be a good idea for more than just online friends. I'm sure RL friends and family would appreciate such a gesture as well.


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I read that thread about that girl and thats really sad. Im only a noobie now but i could make friends here and i think the letter is a cool idea. i know one member here in RL and i know he would post it if anything happened to me. I will get him to write one too.


still nobody's bitch
I like that idea, Brix. very much.

I know how many of us would love to hear from Katrina just one more time.


rainbow 11!
Yes, a million times, yes.

I think that would be wonderful. It would take forever for me to write the letters, though.


That sounds like a good idea Brix, but I can't stand the thought of writing a morbid letter. I try to escape anything morbid-related because [as Iris said] it would take me forever to write such letter.

Without reading the entire OP, for a second I thought you meant to say that we should write a letter here on GF and leave the contact of our family/close friend to be in touch with the cause of our death lol.


Registered Member
I've thought about it before, as well as having my boyfriend call people, send emails, etc. I don't really own anything worth writing an actual will for.