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Your View on Emoticons


I enjoy them more than I should. I even have a few favorites on this site.

I also find myself using a lot of smilies in texts & e-mails. But I blame that mainly on you-know-who. Eh.


Well-Known Member
There's an app on the iPhone where they're a multitude of emoti's to use instead of the basic text versions that we have to type (such as :p). I use those like no other when talking to people, I think its cute and shows a goofy side to me when I use them, and others have noticed it as well. Plus, they as me where to download the app from cause they want to start using it haha.



I love emoticons. I think they are a great way to denote tone in a toneless communication system such as a forum. I've never found GF to be really uptight about them - use them when it feel natural :)
... though now that I think about it, the fact it feels natural to use an emoticon on the internet seems like a weird concept to me. :-/


Registered Member
Hi! :D I'm Member of the Month for November (MOTM) :madame: and a lot of people say I use more emoticons than everybody else on this forum! :spin: :yahoo: :spin:
No way... :lick: But yeah, I think the emoticons are very important so people know how you mean what you say. I've seen epic disputes get started (MD? :devil:) just cause people didn't know what someone's mood was when they said something. :S

Anyway, YES! :D Emoticons are cool, help people get their meaning across correctly, and could stop wars! :)


Creeping On You
Emoticons are very useful on the internet and I think a lot less drama would happen if people used more. A simple :lol: or :rofl: is a great way to make sure people know that your statement is meant jokingly. Where as a :-| could mean you're actually taking things seriously.

I do think people can go overboard with them too *cough*Dekzper*cough* :lol:


Sally Twit
I think there is a limit to how many you can use in a post which is a good thing because otherwise it is a big turn off when reading someone's post.

They don't bother me if just a few are used but if there are shit loads and they are all moving then I will just scroll past it.

I am not a big user of them myself but I will use them here and there.


Registered Member
I tend to prefer text emotes ( :) ) to picture ones :)-)) for the simple reason that nine times out of ten, the pictures will knock the line heights out of whack and make the post harder to read. It's not just forums where I have anti-picture-smiley prejudices, either -- I've turned them off on my IM client as well. :p That said, I do use quite a lot of the text ones (;P is possibly my favourite), and it doesn't <i>hugely</i> bother me if there are picture emotes in a post, as long as it's not excessive. :p

... and yes, I just :p'd twice in a fairly short post without even thinking about it. I suppose that proves my dedication to the text-emote cause? Or just that I can't help myself... ;P

... all right, I'm going now, before I do it again. :)





Registered Member
I use them fairly often. The rules against them are programmed in, so don't worry about that too much.

It can be kinda distracting when they're overused. Especially if it's a serious discussion like the death penalty or something, and there's 10 emoticons (and half of them don't even make sense).


I love emoticons and I use them often.
A plain text without emoticons sounds cold and empty.
They are a useful and necessary forum feature!!


rainbow 11!
i don't mind them! I prefer using the text emoticon's than the picture ones. though some of the animated emoticons that we have are pretty funny. I guess it just depends on the emoticon itself, but they aren't something I use too often.