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Your Vices


New Member
Thought this might be an interesting topic...

What is it that holds you mentally stable? what is it that you can retreat to to escape everything? What do you look forward to when having a bad day? What is it that drives you?

For me my vices are; smoking(good habit, fantastic for my health), the journey for perfection(unattendable goal, but still drives me), my wonderful girlfriend, weekends, alcohol and 'me' time.

How about you?


Sally Twit
Definitely movies, music and my boyfriend. Any three of those get me through a bad day.

As for what drives me, definitely the counselling course I have started. It's only a short course but once I complete this I can move on to Level 2. It'll take me around four years to become a counsellor but at least I've not let that deter me. I want it so much!


Registered Member
You had me laughing at mentally stable, is that I would be called? Anyway, for me it's driving. I love to be in my car, alone, with the music loud and just drive to anywhere, destination unknown. I don't smoke or drink, so driving is what does me good.


Well-Known Member
What holds me mentally stable? Jesus, I think i'm only just clinging to that. GF keeps me mentally stable because the people here are just as crazy, if not more so than I am. And I know no matter what, there will be members here that are always there to listen to me bitch and whine.

What do I retreat to and look forward to when having a bad day? Definitely music. I couldn't survive without it. I'm not sure I'd want to survive without it.

Nothing really drives me though. I'm drifting at the moment.


Better Call Saul
Staff member
If I'm having a bad day at work sometimes all it takes for me to get over it is talk to certain people. There are people who can make me forget all the bad stuff of a day and focus on the good.

Music, the internet/GF, sports, and video games can also help. A lot of the time I think think think think and think some more about stuff that has happened and a lot of times when I do that it makes things worse. So I try and use those outlets more often to get me over things and keep me moving forward.


After a bad day I can't wait to get back to my computer and navigate the internet.
Or I can't wait to go out with friends or talk to people on Skype.
Sometimes I'll go to the gym.