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Your Very First Job


Registered Member
Do you remember your very first job??
Remember your first day??
Some people stay with the same company....or occupation...for 30 and 40 years, wow!
My Dad worked for the U.S. Government, driving a postal mail contractor truck.......carrying mail from Chattanooga to the surrounding small cities, for 27 years~


Son of Liberty
My very first job was bussing tables in my aunt's restaurant when I was 16. Since I was in high school during the school year I worked on Saturdays only. So I had to be at work Saturday morning at 7:00 AM the morning after playing in a Friday night football game. It was brutal sometimes.


Mark ov teh Pond
My first job I got one month after I turned 14. I was depressed from moving to the city, had no friends and wanted a computer, so I got a job and bought my first one. Since then everything I wanted or owned, I have bought myself.

It was Mc. Donalds. I worked there until 3-4 months before turning 18. It was a franchise locally owned, and very fun to work there. I miss it. Then a corporation took over, new management came in, and the strictness of it was just too unbearable for me. Definitely wasn't the same job, so I jumped ship.

It's hard to believe that was over 10 years ago, my first one.


Registered Member
My first real job I worked as a waitress.
I never worked until my last child was in the second grade....I was a stay-at-home Mommy for years!


Secret Agent
Staff member
I got my first job when I was 15. I worked for a local movie theater selling popcorn, drinks and other concession items. I believe I started out at $5.15 an hour. By the time I quit I was making a whopping $5.25 an hour. :nod:

It was a great experience. After this I went to work at a grocery store, which was also a great experience. I worked there for several years and through the rest of high school as a meat department clerk.


My very first job was in a Menswear store back in the mid 70's and it kind of sucked and I have been in retail ever since off and on.


Well-Known Member
I got my first job at 16 as an Arcade Attendant, I would open and close the arcade, fix the machines, clean, hand out change. I loved it, I saw a lot of friends from high school come in and enjoy themselves, met a lot of new friends, and just loved the environment.



Sultan of Swat
Staff member
My first job only last two weeks, I was a security guard at a Fair, I made sure no one sneaked in and I told people where to park their cars. It was pretty boring, but I really needed a job, I was 16-years old at the time I believe.


Registered Member
I started mowing lawns at 12, got a paper route when I was 14, and worked as a cook at Bill Knapps when I turned 16. Funny, I never thought about it before, but I started out self-employed and now I am once again.


Where is my Queen?
I worked at Cinemark when I turned 16 and worked there until I was 20. It was actually one of the funnest jobs that I had. We goofed around alot and had a lot of fun with the movie goers.