Your Version of Photoshop.


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I am currently using Photoshop CS2 8. Its been rockin' since the day I got it. It's been a while since I been in photoshop or creating grapics at that but I'm getting back into it!

SO whats your version of photoshop?

- John Rice


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I'm using 7.0 still. I think I will wait for the next version before upgrading. From what I've seen CS2 isn't a major improvement off of 7.0 and I don't want to spend the money twice if I don't have to.


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I find it a major improvement. Tools and things are easier to use. But one set back is a couple things are gone under filters :(. I'll get over it. PS 7 doesn't have many brushes left available for it though.


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I'm still in CS, because that's what they provide for me at work. What are the big differences between CS and CS2?

We're a Mac-centric office, so we'll probably wait for the next release because it will be "Universal" (meaning it will run natively on the Intel processor Macs).