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How did you come up with your username? How long have you been using it?

Echoes is my favorite song by my favorite band, Pink Floyd. I started using it on AIM about ten years ago, and I've used it on most of the forums I've posted on, though I was known as Buckeye101 here at GF for a couple years.

The song is rumored to be synchronized with the last part of 2001: A Space Odyssey, similar to how Dark Side of the Moon matches up with The Wizard of Oz. Check it out...

YouTube - Pink Floyd - Echoes set to 2001 Space Odyssey (part 1)
YouTube - Pink Floyd - Echoes set to 2001 Space Odyssey (part 2)
YouTube - Pink Floyd - Echoes set to 2001 Space Odyssey (part 3)


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ive been using MrPancake13 for only a month now. b4 i was WAY more known as El_PWNito13. but i had wanted to make a MrPancake13 name for a long time. i made it b/c of my fav movie and character. The Ladykillers had a character named Garth Pancake. he is hilarious in that movie. and 13 has been my favorite number since i was 3 years old. all because of DAN MARINO!!!!

long form of


Which is the spelling of "peaches" we came up with

which is my nicname

because of "peaches and cream"

my real name is karim


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Well, it used to be DaStevez because I had The Steves and forgot the damn password. Then I made The Stevez, and forgot the damn password. Then came DaStevez and history.

ScubaSteve was just a nickname I picked up in high school that stuck. All of my friends still call me Scuba or Scoob.

In fact, I think I might change my name to Scoob.
You don't have to make a new one. Andrew can change the one you have.
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Hey ScubaSteve, we already know that. And couldn't you request a new password for that account? Instead of making new accounts?


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I used a bogus e-mail and forgot the password for it. Eventually I figured out the passwords for those names, but by then DaStevez had somewhere around 5000 global Ezboard posts.


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My username is a self-made nickname based on my fan of Bond games and movies. When pronounced correctly it rolls off the tongue. When pronounced incorrectly, it makes the speaker look like a no-nothing douchebag.

I've used it since my 2nd forum, PDC.


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Well, I've been using it for about a year and a half. When I had first joined FC I had just finished Kannazuki No Miko and my favorite character on the show was Himeko Kurusugawa. So I chose that as my name. Though lately I've been shortening it to Himeko. Might do the same here.