I <3 GF Your user name


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Explain how you came up with your user name?

Mine, well I have had this user name for awhile, use it on my online games and forums. I came up with it by just opening up notepad and hitting the keyboard randomly and this name formed, thought it looked cool and used it lol, stuck with me ever since.


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A lot of my music is sample from classical music so they called me kenny classic...but others had the name classic, and klassic, so i tweaked it and turned it into Klazik


I am the woolrus
me and a couple of friends were sitting in a room drinking and some nature history show was on or something, a wooly mammoth came up on the screen and somebody said "hey, that looks like ciaran!"

i have to admit he did look a bit like me. the devilishly handsome mammoth that he was :p
Online FPS name that I used for a millisecond before changing it back to what I originally had it as. I wanted something with a v and y in it, but also silly, cute sounding. :eek: