Your usage of transport?


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How do you get to your specific place? School, work. et cetera.

As for me, I take the bus to school and also home from school, and walk about 5 minutes from the stop to home.


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Bus, the metro and regional fast trains. The stations are accessible from where I live. So I don't really need a car, I just make use of our efficient public transport system. However, for routine stuff like going to grocery stores, the market, shopping places, restaurants/parks, I just walk (unless it's more than 2 kilometers).


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You know if we actually had a mass transit system here it might be an option. So I drive myself wherever the hell I want to go. The other option for most people are taxis except in the downtown area which has the only bus system and it doesn't really go anywhere.


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Hi ya..

Well to get where I need to go I use the bus and my boards, soon we will have a lightrail and I can use that too.

I think as the gas prices spike you will see a bigger trend to wards public transport, and bike/ walking trails too.

Hey world get out of your metal boxes and walk or ride your bike to where you need to go..

BTW Buss and lightrail passes are tax deductible and most major companies offer them, Ask your HR department about them.


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I drive everywhere. If I'm going to the city I usually take the train so I don't have to deal with traffic and parking.
I walk to and from class and also to get food in most cases. If the place is too far to walk, then I am usually going with one of my room mates who all have cars so I ride with them. It's mostly walking though.


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I take my car every where I go, unfortunately down here we don't have trains or buses where I commute. If there were I would be riding those instead.


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I drive everywhere I need to go. My car is moderately fuel efficient so it isn't too much of a problem. I absolutely love my car, though an nothing could make me put it aside for a bus or taxi.