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Your underwear drawer

What do you hide in your underwear drawer?

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Hell, It's about time!
There was something on the local radio station the other day about what people keep in their underwear drawer. The three top answers were sex toys, guns and drugs. The other two common answers were candy and money.

I wonder what GFers keep in their underwear drawers... select all that apply.
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Good thread.

In that past i've had all those things in my underwear drawer. Right now, only drugs and sex toys though.


still nobody's bitch
I only keep underwear in my underwear drawer. I hide my sex toys in a box deep in my closet. When I remember to put them away, that is :shifteyes:


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
Call me old fashion but I just keep my boxers, wife beaters and socks in my "underwear" drawer. I wonder what the top three answers in Canada would be, obviously guns wouldn't be there, probably the same thing with Drugs...I wouldn't be surprised if Sex Toys was one of the top answers though.


Embrace the Suck
I only keep my underwear and socks in my underwear drawer. I keep my guns locked up.


Registered Member
I only keep underwear in my panties drawer, I have a separate drawer for socks. No drugs here sorry. The one sex toy is put up, high, in the closest. Not sure it still works.


4 legs good 2 legs bad
Just my underwear and socks. I never hide anything in there. If you think about it it's one of the worst hiding spots because that's probably the first place a snooper is going to look.


In my underwear drawer I keep only my underwear and sanitary towels.
I find it strange that people would hide guns in there lol .


Sally Twit
'Sex Toys' and 'Other' because I keep some of my toiletries in there. I don't do it to hide them because I live with my boyfriend and he knows what's in there.

Also, lol @ Elly saying sanitary towels.