Your type of RPG?

Your type of RPG

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What type of RPGs do you prefer to play? Take at the list below and then decide.

Japanese or Console Style RPGs are games like Final Fantasy and your typical leveling and turn based RPG.

Western or PC Style RPGs are games like The Elder Scrolls series, Neverwinter Nights, and games like that. These games tend to have different leveling schemes such as progression through actions, talent trees, or one's like that of pen and paper games.

Strategy RPGs are things like Final Fantasy Tactics, or Disgaea. These games can be pretty varied in their execution but the main thing is that they're sort of like super chess.

Action RPGs are quite clearly RPGs with a large focus on action such as Secret of Mana, Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, and games of that nature. Again these can be quite broad.

"Dungeon Crawlers" are sort of their own hybrid of action RPGs and PC style RPGs. Diablo is the game that best defines these games. You wade through throngs of monsters with a ridiculously powerful character for the sole purpose of pushing forward in the game and collecting better loot.

"Rogue-like RPGs" are an old school RPG style that has been coming back lately. In these games you go through a dungeon sort of like you would in a dungeon crawler only for every action you take, the monsters and NPCs in the dungeon also make an action. This includes games like Izuna, Torneko the Last Hope, and Pokemon Mystery Dungeon.

There's also online and massively multiplayer online (more than 1000 simultaneous players) version of all of these. These would be ORPGs or MMORPGs.

There are also Pen and Paper style RPGs as somebody else mentioned. These are games like Dungeons and Dragons but these days there are many other systems including GURPS, BESM, and the White Wolf games just to name a few.

You could also probably make a mention of table top war games in this discussion which included things like Hordes/Warmachine, Warhammer, AT40, and Dungeons and Dragons minis.
For me, I'm going to say ORPG. Ever since I played EverQuest so long ago, that became my favorite. Loved it! Second would be action RPG. This is mainly due to falling out of love with turned-based and in love with action types.
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what does orpg stand for?
Since he mentioned Everquest in the same sentence, I'm assuming ORPG means Online RPG.

Out of those choices, my favorite is Japanese RPGs followed by Strategy RPGs (mainly Fire Emblem). I also don't mind American RPGs or the occasional MMORPG if I don't have to subscribe to it.


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I voted for dungeon crawler because it best matches dungeon siege my all time favorite RPG, seriously I love that game so much.


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Ehh, it's a tie between JRPGs and SRPGs.
JRPGs currently, but because of the lack of new, good ones (or at least, ones that I've played), SRPGs are starting to take over.
Fire Emblem's one of my favourite games of all time in both story and gamplay, and FFTA2 is... in gameplay, although it is insanely unbalanced. xD
However, FFVI is still my favourite game of all time, and that's JRPG. For now, JRPG wins.
The mob has started to deem jRPG loving as 'lame' lately, probably because it's popular and Everything Popular Must Fall(tm), but they tell a good story over there. Besides real life RPG action (since Bliss hit me with L5 Nail Scratch, I've just lost interest), I like pretty much all else on there though.


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I'll stay with the regular type that you see on video game consoles. None of the others sound that interesting to me.