Your TV?


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What TV do you guys own?

I have a Phillips TV, getting a plasma soon.


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my TV is a samsung but it is actually from whatever Asian country samsung is made in, like.. nothing on it is in engish, everything is written and displayed in their weird stick language. I even needed a plug in that would make it fit into my wall.


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I have a 55" Sony flat screen, and 3 29" Sony TVs. I want to get another 55" flat screen to put in the loft to play video games on.


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Mine's a polaroid LCD. It's a nice tv, but it makes this small room very hot very fast


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We have three Sony TVs, ranging from the period when the telly looks like a computer screen (desktop), to just big high definition screens, to plasma models.


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In my bedroom I have a 32" LG HD used solely for gaming, but when I move out it'll become my normal TV as well.
For TV we have something like a 19 or so inch, no idea what brand or anything..