Your top vacation spots


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what are your top 3 vacation spots, maybe you have already been or it is somewhere you want to go.

1. Amsterdam - I want to go at least once and experience the coffee shops and red light district

2. Cancun - From everyone I have talked to that has been it seems to be a great spot all the pictures I have seen it look very beautiful.

3. Tie Rome or Paris - This would be my romantic get away spots, I would also like to see some of the acient roman statues and buildings, but would also like to have dinner overlooking the Eiffel Tower.


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Italy, France, and Scotland.

I've already been to Italy and Scotland, I just need to make my way to France now.
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Seriously, I'd like to go back to Las Vegas (for the party) and Lake Tahoe (for the calm). For the summer days, I'd take this "hidden" island in Palawan.


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I have visited:
1.)Biarritz - France (I plan to live there one day)
2.)Bled - Slovenia (most beauuuuuutiful place in the world)

Yet to experience:
3.)Philippines (I have family there and they love it)