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Your top influence on music?


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I'm sure this has been done, but reading back a year in the music section I could find nothing, so perhaps it is time for another.

Throughout the ages there have been musical artists who stand above the rest in their time. The question I ask is; Who do you feel has had the MOST influence on music.


For me the answer is simple, none other than Michael Jackson.

In a time when there were such amazing bands such as Journey, Bon Jovi, Def Leppard, Van Halen, Ozzie Osbourne, Billy Idol and the list goes on and on with huge musical icons, but none stood out more than Michael Jackson.

MJ brought something new and different to the table. He took rock and mixed it with pop, he took rap and threw in some rock, he did it forwards and backwards and changed the rules forever. Much of todays music is directly descended from MJ.

I remember when I was about 6-7 years old I found MJ's music for the first time, instantly I fell in love with him. Everything from "I'll Be There" by J-5 to "Black or White" by MJ himself.

Many questioned his sexuality, his eccentricity and even weather he was a sexual child abuser... My personal opinion, I think MJ was a very private person, I believe most of what was reported about him was false, to sell tabloids, news papers or parental personal gains. I think as long as there will be famous people, there will be those who wish to profit from them any way possible.

Anyways, MJ to me, broke the barriers and forever changed how we will listen and even view music today.


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Good lord, does Bizzy know you feel this way?


I'm gonna think about my response to your question and check back in later--you ask a doozy here, Elana! I think you make a good case for MJ, particularly if we're just focused on music since the '70s, though Prince keeps popping into my head as well. And, of course, if we're talking about who has had the biggest influence on music in general, going back to say, the 1920s or so, when technology began to give us affordable record albums and players and music gained more traction as a shared, cultural commodity, then ... All kinds of names are gonna come up! And even if no one goes back quite that far, at some point, someone's gonna definitely throw out The Beatles.

But I'm not sure how I'd answer this just yet. Gonna take some ruminatin'...


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MJ was a big influence on a lot of music yes, you can't deny that, but only certain genres. I have a hard time in assigning one musician as the biggest influence across all genres. The Beatles and Led Zep can definitely be argued as being huge influences, along with Queen, Madonna, Elvis and a handful of others.

As metal is my genre of choice, i'm going to focus on the biggest influence within metal. I feel pretty safe in saying Black Sabbath has the biggest influence in the metal industry, hell it can be argued that they pretty much invented what is considered modern metal. Many people say that if you come up with a riff now, it was done first by them. If we're going with singular musicians, then i'm gonna go with Ronnie James Dio. Man was a legend in the hard rock and metal community, and introduced the widespread use of the devils horn which are a large part of metal culture. Metallica are getting up there as being pretty influential within the genre too, but not on the scale Black Sabbath are. Maybe in a few more years, but not right now. Then if I started to break it up to within sub-genres, I could come up with a handful more bands that were considered the pioneers of their sub-genre, but I should really stop now
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Elana, Elana, Elana! We are meant to be together girl.

I'm a huge Michael Jackson fan. I couldn't agree more with what you posted in your OP. Michael Jackson had such an amazing influence on music. Just look at the main artist today that looked up to him while growing up:

-Kanye West

That's just to name a couple, and those are some of the top performers of our generation.

Michael Jackson made an impact on the music world at a very young age, starting with Jackson 5. People couldn't believe how well he sung at such a young age. Then he took the World by storm when he did the moonwalk on live television at the Motown Special. Even Smokey Robinson, a legend in his own right was standing and dancing.

So to me, no one had a bigger influence on Music MJ. He's definitely my idol when it comes to music, and I love to impersonate him on the dance floor, but that's just another story of the biz.


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@ Lauren - Yes, this is exactly why I worded it "your top influence", with so many genres of music each has it's most influential that may have little to nothing to do with another genre.

As for metal, I think Ozzie and or Black Sabbath is a very good choice as very influential!

@Bizzy - If your ever in or near Estonia, you'll have to look me up! But I'll be holding you to doing your MJ impersonation for me :). And we will def. have to do the Thriller dance! lol


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Michael Jackson was indeed one of a kind. And I don't believe all the tabloid shit about those molestation charges either, but oh well. I listen to MJ, but I'm not so obsessed that I have every album or every CD, in fact, I don't think I even own one *haha* Elvis Presley was a big idol too. I do have one of his CDs. But I don't listen to him that often either. I'm not into this heavy metal crappus like some of y'all are, so I don't really have a good answer. Right now, I listen to Nickelback, every day, and I know they are not the biggest influence anywhere, but I love them, and I can listen to them whenever I want, cause I can and- it's my car :)


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I'm going to have to say Eric Clapton here. He is the progenitor of rock and blues in Britain starting all the way in 1963 before anyone was playing any of the musis he was starting. By the time he started in Cream just 4 years later in 1967, he was a legend. You will be hard pressed to find music that wasn't influenced by what he was doing. He started doing solos as we recognize them in the Yardbirds, had the all powerful mother tone in the Bluesbreakers, the incredible power and dexterity in Cream, the short lived prowess in Blind Faith, and then the masterful songwriting that came out in Layla. Making him easily one of the most influential, if not the most influential musician of the last half century.

And if we are going to talk metal, Led Zeppelin is the definitely one of the biggest influences their. I mean, listen to 1 and 2 and tell me they aren't.
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I think Pink Floyd was a really big influence on rock music cuz they had so many different sounds and dad says they were real musical artists. he says if you close your eyes you can see what there song is all about even without any lyrics.


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The people who had a massive influence on how I see life is Eminem and Bliss and Eso. The reason for Eminem is quite explanatory, he achieved something that no other (white) man could have done, he battled his demons. Bliss and Eso because they sing about the world, about politics, it's such a great music that makes me value everything I have.