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Your Top 10 Favorite Multiplayer Games?


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What are your to 10 favorite multiplayer games of all time? I might have posted this before, but it's been a while.

Don't just list them. Talk about your #1 for sure, and feel free to add notes to the rest of your list as well.

My #1 is without a doubt Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow. The multiplayer was no more than 3 players but man it was intense. It's the best multiplayer game I've ever played by far. It was so unique and unfortunately the Splinter Cell games following it weren't quite as good. I'm hoping the next one will have a great multiplayer but who knows.

Runners up for me would include:

2. Battlefield 2142 (PC FPS)
3. Team Fortress 2 (PC FPS)
4. Counterstrike (PC FPS)
5. Rainbow Six 3 (XBOX FPS)
6. Perfect Dark (N64 FPS)
7. GoldenEye (N64 FPS)
8. Battlefield 2 (PC FPS)
9. Halo 1/CE (XBOX & PC FPS)
10. Total Annihilation (PC RTS)

Interestingly enough, Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow was not a FPS, for those who never played it. Most of the games on my list are FPS.

I could have probably replaced one of those games with NBA Jam or NBA Hang Time. I loved those games. I could maybe even replace one of those with Mario Kart 64.

Also, several of the games on my list have sequels or newer games in the series that I haven't played yet. I'm sure I'd like Rainbow Six Vegas 1&2 for example, but I am still happy with Battlefield 2142 and Team Fortress 2 at the moment. I haven't played those for a few months now as it is though due to being distracted with non-gaming stuff.
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It's kind of hard to rank them. I've never been a huge multiplayer gamer either. But I'll try to come up with a list.

1. Halo:CE (Xbox) - The weird thing is that I never played this game a ton since I didn't play online and only a couple of my friends were into it. I actually played Halo 2 way more. I think it's the perfect shooter though. There were tons of great maps and the weapons and powerups were balanced.

Meh, I'm not going to rank the rest, but GoldenEye is definitely #2.

GoldenEye 007 (N64)
Perfect Dark (N64)
College Hoops 2K6 (Xbox)
Halo 2
Toejam & Earl (Genesis)
Ken Griffey Jr MLB (SNES)
NHLPA '93 (Genesis)
Ghost Recon (Xbox)
Super Mario Kart (SNES)

I never really got to play the Splinter Cell multiplayer, but it does seem like a lot of fun.


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1.)Total Annihilation (PC) - Ever since 1997 when I first got this game, it's been one of my favorite games ever. The single player was great but the multiplayer was the most amazing part of this game for sure, it could be done over a LAN or over internet connection, unfortunately you can only do it over LAN now and only if you know how to do it. This game ran on Windows 95 originally. This game won tons of awards, and I mean a lot. It even won Game of the Year from Gamespot
Total Annihilation has won numerous awards, the list of which follows:
The number one Real-Time Strategy Game of all time (top 10 list), Gamespy 2004
Best Game of All Time, PC Games 1998
Gamer's Choice Award, Best Real-Time Strategy Game, PC Gamer
1998 Blister Award Winner, "Best Strategy Game of 1997", Electric Playground
1997 Game of the Year, GameSpot
Best Strategy Game of 1997, GameSpot
Best Multiplayer Game 1997, GameSpot
Best Music 1997 GameSpot
Included in Gamespot's "Greatest Games of All Time" Feature
1997 Game of the Year, GameSpot Reader's Choice Awards
1997 Worst game of all time Gamer's Choice Awards
1997 Best Strategy Game, GameSpot Reader's Choice Awards
1997 Best War Game, Happy Puppy's Golden Fire Hydrant Award
1997 Best Strategy Game, PC Guru Magazine, Hungary
Best RTS Game, GAME.EXE Magazine, Russia 1998
Best Game of the Year 1997, PC Soulces, France
Silver Trophy Award, PC Magazine Loisirs, France
Top Game Award for Five Consecutive Months, PC Jeux France
Best RTS Game 1997, Reader's Choice Award, PC Gamer Online
Best Real-Time Strategy Game 1997, The Adrenaline Vault
Best Strategy Game 1997, Reader's Award, Games Domain
1997 Game of the Year, CompuNews
1997 Best Sound/Music, GamePen
Best Strategy Game of 1997, Gamezilla.com
Game of the Year, Game Review Central
Best Real-Time Strategy Game of 1997, Ultra Game Players Magazine
CG Choice Award, Computer Gaming World, 1998
Best of the Best A+ Award, PC Games 1998
Family PC Tested-Recommended, Family PC 1998
Stamp of Approval, Computer Games Strategy Plus
Editor's Choice Award 1997, Online Gaming Review
Special Achievement in Music 1997, Online Gaming Review
Best Game of the Year 1997, Honorable Mention, Online Gaming Review
Best Game of 1997, Reader's Knockout Poll Award, Games Domain Review
Best PC Game of 1997, Video Games Palace
Gaming Product of the Year 1997, MeccaWorld
Best Strategy Game of 1997, Gamesmania
Gold Player Top-Rated 5 Star Award, PC Games Germany
Gold Award, PC Action Germany
Top Rated 5 Star Award 1997, PC Gaming World UK
Platin Award, PC Power
Innovation in Gaming Award 1997, PC Review
Editor's Choice Award, Game Worlds Network
Editor's Choice Award, Gaming Age
Editor's Choice Award 1997, All About Games
Awesome! Award 1997, Game Briefs
Killer Game Award 1997, The Cheater's Guild
OGR Preferred Award, Online Gaming Review
X-Picks Dazzler for 1997, Gamecenter
Hot! 4 Star Award, GAMERZedge
Hands-On Award, PC GamePro
Editor's Pick Award 1997, GameSpot
Buy Now! Award, San Francisco Guardian Plug & Play
Star Player Award, Games Machine
GamePower's 4-Lightning Bolt Award 1997
GamePen's Best of E3 Award 1997
Top 12 Games of Autumn, PC Games Europe
Hot Property Award 1997, MeccaWorld

2.)Perfect Dark 64 (N64) - Needless to say the multiplayer in this game was great, it was very very similar to Goldeneye except it allowed bots which was awesome, it lagged a bit but the gameplay made up for that.
3.)Halo Original (XBOX & PC) - While i hate the single player campaign of this game I like the multiplayer a lot it's fun pretty much all the time, it's strangely fun for how much I don't like the single player.
4.)Team Fortress 2 (PC) - This game is just awesome, there are tons of different creative characters to choose from each with their ups and downs, no one guy has too much power.
5.)Counterstrike Source (PC) - Ah another classic game, I really like this game, I'm very good at it, not much to say about it though, it's just running around and shooting other players.
6.)Mario Kart 64 (N64) - The game that really got me on the Mario Kart series this was one of my first games after a lot of Genesis stuff. The battle was my favorite part of this game, and it's still unmatched, there has never been a better Mario Kart battle.
7.)BattleField 2142 (PC) - While i haven't played this game a whole lot, I do like it a lot, it's definitely a quality enough game to be on my top 10 list.
8.)Starfox 64 (N64) - The battle in this game was unique and I really liked it, there were several different versions of battle and the best part was there was no lag whatsoever
9.)Super Smash Bros. Melee (GCN) - This really is the game that brought me into Smash Bros. I love this game, always will, and have since I first got it back when Gamecube released. The battle in this game was crazy and you could always improve, I was known amongst many of my friends as insane at this game.
10.)Warcraft III the Frozen Throne (PC) - Warcraft III was a Real Time Strategy game based in the warcraft world, it was a great game, still is, just because it's warcraft just like WoW, doesn't make it a bad game, World Of Warcraft is horrible and i hate it, but i love Warcraft III. The Multiplayer was tons of fun and Tim and I do it all the time. This game was ridiculously awesome.

I believe that's definitely my top 10 list....
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Super Smash Bros
Mario Kart Dash
Counter Strike
Starcraft:Brood War
Madden 09
Battlefield 1942
Warcraft III
Wii Bowling
Worms Armageddon 64