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Your Time Capsule


For a Free Scotland
Let's say you've been entrusted with creating a time capsule to be opened in 1,000 years. What objects would you put in it to show what your time was like, what was important to you and to society as a whole?


For a Free Scotland
A copy of US magazine
Instructions on how to play Hold 'Em and a deck of cards
Today's copy of the New York Times
Seeds of local flowers and trees
Pre-ripped designer jeans
Printed out, the 100 most visited pages on Wikipedia


Well-Known Member
Hmm interesting question.

1. a piece of paper that says generalforum.com on it
2. definitely a deck of cards
3. a nintendo 64, NES, and SNES with controllers and some great games
4. Some old coins
5. an up to date computer
6. An up to date history book
7. Some CD's, DVD's and blu-ray discs
8. a keyboard

That would be a great time capsule right there.

oh wait...

9. An Ocarina ;)
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Secret Agent
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A jack in a box. Actually more like a jack in a capsule, a time capsule that is. You know, where 1,000 years from now some schmuck will find the capsule, open it, and a marionette pops out laughing. Maybe jacks the person in the face too. Why not right? I mean how cool would it be to future punch somebody hard? Oh, and the music playing when they open it would be none other than "Never Gonna Give You Up" by Rick Astley. And maybe the marionette could have a little note in his hand that says "You Lost The Game", with a description of how the game is played to ensure future generations can continue to lose the game for light years to come. I think that would be quite the epic time capsule. :lol:



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Bout a half a dozen death metal albums, a Metallica tour t-shirt, four used rubbers (to carry on my family name), a case of Hamm's and a log of Copenhagen.


- Diderot Reborn -
Light years is a measurement of distance, Hybrix.

also, you are the most adorably lovable douchebag of this millennium.

what'd I stick in there: a laptop with a hard drive chock full of TV shows, stuff like that. it'd have all the most popular web pages stored in files (as either word documents or images), as well as the URLS in a document just in case they're still around (let alone the internet).

wait, I don't know what I'm talking about. lets just say a hard drive chock full of some nice goodies.

what else? fuckin' popular science magazine. its got all sorts of stuff on what the future's gonna be like, should be good for a laugh for those future-ites.

uhmm...I dunno, really. I like Kaz's wikipedia pages idea, but then again I kinda tried to build on that...and ended up making no sense...

OH! ...no, nevermind. I have no thoughts. my brain is broken. good night.


I'm not sure what I would put in the capsule, other than that I would put an image of goatse right over the opening, so that when the capsule was opened, all you saw was goatse and you had to rip through the image to get to the rest.

Yes, I am easily amused and kind of a dick.


Yes, I am easily amused and kind of a dick.

let's see...
a bunch of tabloids
a folio of Shakespeare's plays
obsessi's laptop full of modern-day media
a bible
one of those singing greeting cards that sings Never Gonna Give You Up
an analog watch
a grand piano
today's NY Times and National Geographic

... i'm sure i'll think of more later.