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Your thoughts on the gas issue


Well generally gas and the supply of it, the prices simply signify that the supply is running out.

What do you think of it? How do you think it will affect our generation (people around 15-25) in the future? Your thoughts on drilling for gas in alaska and gas surplus running out? Thoughts on hybrid cars and cars that run on solar power, electricity and other forms of energy? Do you think its time for a whole new way to move cars(engines becoming obsolite?)

Anybody want to comment here

IMO, i think it is infact time for a new way to move cars. I think if we assume gas will be the energy source for our transportation for as long as we need that transportation then we are mistaken, and wont be prepared when the gas runs out. I think we need to look into a more perminent source of energy, like the sun for example, or electricity, which can be generated, and doesnt have to be drilled for. We could also possibly find a way to create gasoline, or some other form of combustible fuel that also wouldnt need to be drilled and have a limited supply. Also, i dont think we should ever drill in alaska for gas until we are 100% sure there is gas nowhere else on the planet. This is because if we ever had a problem with whatever new kind of fuel we use to power our vehicles in the future, at least we will have alaska's supply of gas to default back to until we get the other stuff working right.


l 7SIN Sasori l
I think they should have done this awhile ago and completly wiped the use of gas and oil and all this. It's about time they try to do other things. Like using Corn oil to use instead of Earth's Oil. As far as electric cars go...well...it works. I am not against it, but the prices are soo high to get a hybrid. At least, as far as I remember.

That's about all I can say about this topic...I shall post more as I learn more.


blue 3
One of the main reasons why the hyrbid is so expensive is the availability of them. The more they are produced the cheaper they become, on a level. Thats why the Model T Ford was sooo succesful. Since they could be mass produced, it was much MUCH more affordable than previouse cars, that were hand made.

As for the oil, I agree. We've sat on this bomb far too long when it comes to oil usage, we're continuing to increase our use, EVEN though we've known that this problem existed.

We've discovered tons of alternate energy sources; its just the problem of transfering the entire industry of oil and gas. You know the oil companies would be furiouse, and there would be a sever loss of jobs. Considering most other energy sources don't require as much labor as oil does.



A friend of mine keeps on telling me about corn oil. I know it sounds strange but he claims it's more efficent, and definately more abundant then regular gas. I haven't researched any of this yet, but a few others said they've heard of the idea.