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Your thoughts on hunting?

Your thoughts on hunting?

  • I don't care either way (I don't eat meat)

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Do you not swat flies either?
Actually, when I catch a bug in the house I put it outside, but that rarely happens anyway because my cat usually gets to anything that comes in first......

Some may say it's just a bug but there is more to it than that for me. I have the ability to make a choice of life or death.


Sultan of Swat
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I don't have any issues against people going hunting, I personally wouldn't do it myself because I couldn't kill an animal. But some people do it has a hobby, just like how I enjoy playing Baseball or Basketball.

My old neighbour loves to hunt, and he killed a deer once and he showed it to me when he brought it back home, kind of sad to see in all honesty.


Where is my Queen?
I hunt every other year, so therefore I have hunted deer about 5 times. Only been sucessful twice though.


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I didn't see an option that fit my view.

I don't beleive in killing unless it is for survival and even then I wouldn't say I'm "fine with it". I don't think having to kill even if it is for survival is something to be proud of. The animal should still be treated with respect even in that case....
Not when the bastards tear up your vehicle or kill a human life~
We had 2 terrible car wrecks here in my area, where a deer jumped out in front of the drivers while cruising down the road.
One slammed into the front grill of the vehicle, and totaled the car...and the other, the deer came up onto the lady's hood of her car and in thru her windshield, killing her.
I personally, altho not kind to say, I kind of despise deer.
I know they have territory too.....and accidents happen.....but hunting is a sport, and people, especially in these hard economic days, are so thankful and thrilled to have gotten their deer and have some meat stocked up~
If men were sitting alongside the road just target practicing, that'd be different...but no, hunting is Ok by me, altho I don't do it.
And for the record, I have hit a deer before, totaled my car....I felt bad for the deer, but my bigger concern was for my small children in the backseat of my car when I hit the deer.
Hell, they run right for your headlights!
Anyway....that's why we have deer hunting season....to hunt for deer....case closed~


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I still don't see killing as something to be proud of. I almost hit a deer before. First, I had a panic attack, was happy nobody and nothing got hurt, and then I wished they hadn't started building more junk around the area it came out of to drive them from their homes.

Either way, if people want to desensitize themselves from having a sense of empathy when it comes to valuing life then that isn't my problem, even if I don't like it. All I care about is that I'm living my own life the way I beleive is right.
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Better Call Saul
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I randomly landed on one of those hunting shows a week or so ago and the hunter was so happy and proud of himself for killing a buck that he started crying; not kidding. I thought that was extremely weird but I'm not a hunter.

I don't hate people who hunt but I'd never do it myself. Sometimes hunting is needed because of over population of deers but I still wouldn't do it. I personally couldn't kill an animal like that. Do I kill insects? Yes. Do I think it's the same? Not really.

But like other people in this thread I eat animals all the time so maybe I am a hypocrite. I mean, someone killed that animal and I ate it. I guess as long as it's not me doing the killing I can justify it in my mind.


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Cows are killed....pigs are killed...chickens are killed...how does anyone think they can eat fried chicken without knowing a chicken died...OMG!
Geeze.....hunting IS a sport.
Golf is a sport, basketball is a sport..and with each sport comes trophies when you win.
If you don't get the big bling ring or an actual trophy, you take home the deer, get a few good photographs and that's that~
I honestly don't see how anyone who eats meat....can say that can't stand to kill an animal.
Maybe I'm odd too, as I don't see a deer, as some cute little pet-like animal....they are not puppies or kittens.......
But I fully understand that everyone is entitled to their opinion :)


AKA Ass-Bandit
I don't see why not. Gladiatorial combat was a sport.

Yes, it'd be considered barbaric and wrong and all sorts of other things, but I wouldn't consider it any less of a sport.