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Your theme; your character?


We haven't had one of these in awhile, me thinks! Basically, for all the new folks, list what sort of character you would WANT to have if you joined a wrestling promotion. Use TNA, WWE, ROH, whatever... This isn't about them, it's about YOU!

I'll do mine, and feel free to copy the design if you need assistance.

Persona/Gimmick: Pirate! Arrrrrg...
o-- Dark blue metallic head piece that has a long scarf hanging from the back draping down my front side.
o-- No shirt, HOWEVER, since I am not the best tanned, Sheamus-looking, I will use some dark charcoal-looking make up to put on my body. To give me that unwashed, dirty Pirate look. I will also grow out stubble. =D
o-- White wrist tape on my right arm. Not fully covered, but 'random' looking.
o-- Dark blue metallic... skirt? That's not quite the right word. Basically, look at my signature and that's the outfit I want. I should have just said that instead of laying it all out for you here.

In a nutshell, the outfit I would want to wear is the ones in my signature, but dark blue. Yeah... that'll do. =D
o-- Carry a small pike with me (gotta have a weapon! O_O;)

Theme Music: (I would love this theme!) YouTube - Final Fantasy IX Boss Battle Remix
Heel/Face: Heel
Position: Mid-card/Cruiserweight

I know what you're all thinkin' "A pirate gimmick!?!?!". I know, I KNOW! I just wanna try something unique, interesting and stay away from anything too generic looking. It is 'ENTERTAINMENT' after all as Vince would say. Might as well have fun with it. Better than having boring ole me out there.

How about y'all, what would you all want to be?


To have a little bit more fun with this thread, rate different people out of x/10. Would you enjoy their gimmick, style and attitude?
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Persona/Gimmick- Highly Religious, complete opposite of Undertaker's character. Wearing all white instead of all black.

Theme Music - YouTube - Creepy Very Old Abandoned Cemetery and Church with Music

Heel/Face - Heel, I would come out and beat the crap out of Cena, and on the next night on RAW when the fans are booing and stating I suck, I would call them all heathens, non believers...etc...etc. 'You will believe when you die!' type of promo to gain a lot of heat.

Position - Midcard, upper midcard.

The reason why I would attack Cena first is that first of all I will screw him at SummerSlam, have a feud with that man, and then go on and face Kane at Wrestlemania and then The Undertaker at the next Wrestlemania so he can become 21-0. Obvisouly he is 19-0 now but if I debuted with this character I would hope that he has 2 more Mania matches in him, so I can build up my character.


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Interesting Thread, Vilky.

I did something like this in the past, it's tough to think of.

I'd also suggest adding, if people want to, the following:

Type of attire and its look: (trunks, tights, singlet, etc.)


Hand Gestures/Taunts

Style: (high flyer, submission expert, brawler, etc.)