Your team?


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The season is just a couple of months away, and I was wondering who is your team, and how well do you think they'll do this season?

My team are the Toronto Blue Jays, and I believe they should contend for the A.L East title, if not that then the Wild Card, they did improve there Starting Rotation, but the people who signed with them are a big risk. Zambrano, Thompson and Ohka, they're very good pitchers, but are coming off bad seasons, or injury plague season. If Burnett and Halladay stay healthy then our pitching will be very good. I am not to worried about our offense, we added Thomas, who came off a great season, we should be one of the highest scoring team in the league. We also have a good bullpen which included one of the best closers in the league.

So I believe the Jays should be fine.


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Your team can only hope for a wild card with mine (BoSox) and the Yanks in the same division. The Sox are poised for another close run with the Yanks for the division and with a potential ace in Matsuzaka and great young talent maturing each season in Papelbon, Hansen, Delcarmen and otheres, they're in great position to take it all.


chicago white sox. always was, alway will. i'm looking forward toward another mediocre season with a chance at a playoff berth.


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Well our team improved from last season I believe, our biggest lost is probably Ted Lilly, which is not that big of a lost. I also believe that we have a better offense then the Bo Sox, and if everyone stays healthy in our starting rotation we have a chance you big things, especially if pitchers like Thompson or Ohka or Zambrano gets more then 12 wins.


The Atlanta Braves are my team, and I love the position they're in: ready to surprise everyone and bite people on the butt. Think about it. The Mets and Phillies are considered to be the front-runners for the NL East title and the Wild Card. Few, if any, are thinking that Atlanta is going to do anything. And that's just the way I like it. If Thorman even produces half of what LaRoche did and others pick up the slack, Atlanta should be fine, as their improved bullpen can help cushion a thin starting squad.

I expect at least 81 wins. :)


1) Boston Red Sox
2) New York Mets
3) Milwaukee Brewers

I miss baseball season...

NY Jay

I'm pretty pumped the Yankees re-signed Andy Pettite, and the top of their rotation looks pretty solid with Mussina, Pettite, and Wang. If they could re-sign Clemens as well that would be awesome too.


My team is the Red Sox.
I feel if Matsuzaka wins 13 games, if Schilling does good, Beckett adjusts to the AL and Papelbon's bullpen magic transfers to the rotation..I feel the Red Sox can go deep into the playoffs.


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I'm a Detroit Tigers fan. Disappointed at the way they lost the World Series but extremely happy with last season overall. I wasn't alive when they won their last title in '84 and I've grown up with many a 100-loss season so it was exciting to see them do well. They picked up Gary Sheffield and Jose Mesa so that'll help them out a lot. It'll be interesting to see how they deal with their role as a target but I have great faith in Jim Leyland. I think they'll be back in the playoffs in '07, especially because Leyland won't let them collapse at the end like they nearly did last season.