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Question Your Tattoos


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The removal of a tattoo is possible with laser treatments,but it is a long process and very costly to do.
The basic thing is a laser passes light through the tattoo,breaking up the ink until it is no longer visible,but in some cases this can lead the skin becoming a different colour as well, this can happen in people with darker skin tones.

The whole process take months to complete, I have a friend who had small piece removed this way, she had to have a treatment once a month and was told it could take anywhere between 6 to 10 treatments to completely remove it.

The other thing is if this guy who put that on you was not a proper tattooist you have no idea what kind of ink he put into you, the best thing to do in my opinion would be to seek out a consultation,they will tell you if laser removal is viable.

A cover up piece is another option, a good tattooist will design a piece,with your input,to cover up the area of the original, cover ups can and do cost more because of the work involved,but nowhere near as much as laser treatments.

The only other option to try and forget that it's there, personally I would look into a cover up, something that means something to me,to cover over that bad piece.


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adams tiger.jpg

Not sure if i have done this properly, but this is just the outline work for my brothers back piece, he still has another 9 hours of work to go on this one.