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And why you hate it to holy hell. I hate mine. It's backwater Mississippi. I'm not in the most redneck area of it, but it still sucks pretty bad. The poverty, Katrina victims, racism..... It just sucks in general. So, come here to whine about your country, state, province or whatever you want to call your little slice of hell.
I actually quite like Ohio. My only real issue is the weather. It can change so much and so rapidly that it gets ridiculous after awhile. Other than that I love Ohio actually.


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Oh right, speaking of weather, the god damn hurricanes. I forgot to mention that. It sucks to live in a place where every summer, Hurricanes can come out of nowhere and anally rape your town. Long Beach Mississippi got brutally raped by Katrina, then flipped over, and let her friend the looters have their way with Long Beach.
(So. California) The summers get really hot, it's overcrowded and too city for me. I'd prefer something less crowded, colder and rural.


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I'm in Michigan. I don't hate it, in fact I love the changing seasons and unpredictable weather.
I don't plan on being here forever, but it's fine for now.


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I live in Florida, I just hate the summers when it gets really really hot. The people here kind of suck, everyone is really

I don't mind the hurricanes, we usually get a warning if we should leave or not, unlike other disasters like earthquakes and tornadoes.


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Do I really need a reason?
I'd love to move back to Massachusetts minus the traffic and what not, but really I don't mind VA too much. I live in a suburban town and the neighborhood I live in always has something going on, and there are a bunch of surrounding cities that aren't to far away.

Now when I first moved here I hated it because I was made fun of for my accent...


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The only thing I don't like about Michigan, aside from the terrible economy, is the snow. If we have another winter like this past one, I'll cry. It snowed a ridiculous amount this past winter.

Mostly I love Michigan, though. I can't see living anywhere else.