Your socks?


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Do you wear socks above your ankles or the ankle height?

I have never wore socks that are RIGHT above my ankles, maybe a kid, but not now.


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i wear socks that go above the ankle, you get like "trainer socks" which end just at your sticky out bone. i dont wear them


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I wear socks that stop right under the ankle. The kind you can hardly stick out of your shoes if they do at all.

I can wear socks that go above the ankle; I just don't like them nearly as much.


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I generally wear Ankle socks because the longer ones get too hot. However our schol socks go right up to our knee. So if its cold out Ill just wear them.

Our socks for school are really comfortable though. So I have no issue with wearing them.


Do What Thou Wilt
always above the ankle, i try to keep as warm as possible
even though people tell me i look like a nerd i just say fuck you let me where socks the way i wear socks