Your sleeping position..

When falling asleep, what position are you usually in?

For me, it's almost always on my left side with my left hand tucked under the pillows and my right one under my chin. The only time I fall asleep any other way is when I'm reading in bed and close my eyes, those nights I sleep sitting up.:lol:


Sultan of Swat
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I toss and turn from right to left, but it's usually on my right side/stomach. I can't fall asleep on my back no way no how, which is a good thing when I'm under the influence of alcohol, and I can't sleep directly on my stomach.
I can sleep in any position, it doesn't really bother me. It usually takes me ages to fall asleep so I move around quite a lot anyway**. (note: this is only when I'm really trying to sleep. If I don't need to be up early in the morning or anything then I'm usually more relaxed about it and will lie on my back for a long time just thinking or 'day'dreaming and often fall asleep in that position, or roll over onto my side at some point)

**And I don't mean just left and right sides.. I will use pillows to get elevations and create new shapes to lay in. I slept at the very end of my bed once, sideways. :lol:
Unless someone watches you, you can't really know for sure if you move or not while you sleep, even if you wake up in the same position.
Well, I think it's a pretty good assumption since the blankets aren't ruffled and my arm is usually asleep and I sleep very, very deeply. I'm pretty confident in saying I hardly ever move.


Monday Night Rollins
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I don't really like sleeping on my stomach; it's just not that comfortable for me. I'm usually a sleep on my back kinda guy or on the left side. I usually alternate if I'm having trouble getting to sleep.


I am the woolrus
i sleep on my side, usually whichever side is facing the wall. But i toss and turn like nobody's business! a couple of times i've woken up with all the bedsheets clean off the bed and me just lying on a matress :p


Babeasaurus Sex
I sleep on my side! I have to be next to the wall, I always sleep in a strange sort of fetal position.

Sometimes I sleep all the way under my covers and sometimes i sleep half in half out. I tend to have a cushion that I end up cuddling....

Generally my hands are tucked under my chin.... :lol: