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PC Games Your Set Up


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Well, I think I decided what type of gaming I am going to get into the next gen.

The Revolution will be my console and my 2nd system will be pc.

I just got a 32inch LCD Samsung LN-R3228W for christmas and it has all the HDMI, VGA connections and what not. Anyways, I love playing F.E.A.R on that TV.

I love it so much that I want to up my pc. I think I am going to go with 1GB RAM(Kengston) and will purchase a GeForce 7800GT. What are your guys' set up? Should this do for me? What other things would I want to upgrade?


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Well, lets see,


Athlon 3200 939 socket 64 bit
Radeon 800X 256
1 G Ram
80 G Hard (mine)
80 G Hard (wifes)
regular speaks with sub
regular sound
19 Monitor


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How does it run? What kind of games have you pushed? I am going to get a double 512mb after doing some research. The processor I currently have is...dunno I forgot, but its 2.88ghz. Its already a pretty good machine, but it needs to be beefed up!


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I'm running:

Mobo: DFI LanParty UT nF4 SLI-D
Processor: Athlon 3200 939 Socket (64 Bit)
Video: Radeon X850 XT (256 MB)
Memory: 2GB DDR RAM 4200
Storage: 300 GB HD
Sound: Creative Labs Soundblaster Audigy 2 Platinum (32 Bit)
Speakers: Bose surround sound run through a Sony 500 Watt Receiver/Amp
Monitor: Samsung SyncMaster 243t (24" widescreen LCD flat panel)
OS: Windows XP Professional


Mobo: Gigabyte P4 Titan 533
Processor: Pentium 4 1.9 GHz (32 Bit)
Video: Radeon 9800 XT (256 MB)
Memory: 1GB DDR RAM 2700
Storage: 360 GB Total (160 GB HD / 120 GB HD / 80 GB HD)
Sound: Creative Labs Soundblaster Audigy 2 Platinum (32 Bit)
Speakers: Kinyo something or other
Monitor: 19" generic
OS: Windows XP Professional

Then a P4 2.0 GHz Laptop with 512 MB Ram and a 60 GB HD and a 733 MHz Tower with 1 GB Ram, a 20 GB HD, onboard sound, and a 17" monitor. Both running WinXP Pro.

They are all networked together. Basically, I upgrade until I've maxed out the system, and when it's time to get a new computer, I don't sell the old one.


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I figured I'd bump this topic and see if we can get some new responses. I'm running a home built computer with 512 MB ram, 160 gigs of hard drive, 256 Grforce 5500, and a Celeron clocked for 2.4, but I currently have it at 2.83 and I can easily overclock it to 3.0 and slightly higher. It's got a DVD-RW (8x, i belive) and a 52x cd/rw.