Your Seat Belt Policies


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Pretty simple question really. Most the time a driver will either enforce a seat belt policy or they wont.

What is your stance on seat belts? Do you make sure everyone is wearing one while you're driving or could you care less?
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Sort of a dupe of this:

But anyway, I won't let people ride in my car if they don't wear a seatbelt. Statistically you are far more likely to die in a minor car crash if you don't have a seat belt on than if you do. It's just foolish not to and I don't want that blood of my friends on me if I was the one driving the car, regardless of who caused the accident. Could be a drunk who swerved into oncoming traffic. There's no way to tell what will happen when you get into a car. The smart thing to do is to do what you can to have the chances of survival in your favor.


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When I had my truck I had only three seat belts, but sometimes there was four people in my truck. I made sure that two people shared a seat belt. I don't like to drive when people don't wear their seat belts. But I won't lie, when I go back home and my friend is driving and I'm passed out because I had to much to drink, sometimes I don't wear it at all.


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I am completely for seat belts, they really are a very easy precaution to take and it could actually save your life, sounds like a good deal to me.

As for seat belt laws, I am definitely not opposed to them at all. I definitely agree with the laws that kids have to be wearing seat belts.

It makes no sense to not wear a seatbelt when given the option (as opposed to say a bus where there are no seat belts)


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Muh!, I pulled that part out of the OP, so if anyone wants to talk about Seat Belt Laws they can do so in that thread then. My bad, shoulda searched harder.

But anyway, I won't let people ride in my car if they don't wear a seatbelt.
I'm the same. I wont even put my truck into drive until I know everyone no matter how big or small is wearing a seatbelt. Its just sort of the thing that was pounded through our heads as kids that seatbelts do more good than they do harm. I mean hell I was even saved by a seatbelt once, had I not been wearing it chances are pretty good I could have been way more injured.

There was one time when I was in high school back when I had my Four Runner, we were in town and I had a few friends in the back. One of the suckers had taken his seat belt off.... I'd actually got pulled over (well kinda) in a parking lot by a Sheriff who gave us this long speil about how if I'm the one driving and he wasnt wearing a seatbelt and he was under 18 that I'd be the one to get the citation. Muh! So that made my stance on seatbelts even stricter!.


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If I'm driving then I want everyone to wear a seatbelt. Just last weekend, even when I wasn't driving, my husband would already drive a few meters before putting his seatbelt and that annoyed me. I told him to put it before he drives not during. I guess I'm stricter with family. When I'm with friends and I'm a passenger, I just make sure I'm buckled up but I don't bug the others who refuse to do it.


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Personally, I don't care if other people wear a seat belt while I'm driving but I always wear a seat belt. I just like feeling actually attached to my seat while I'm moving that fast.


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Considering my chosen mode of transportation (when I can actually start using it), it's pretty much impossible to wear a seat belt on a motorcycle.

When riding in a car though, I always wear a seatbelt regardless of distance travelled, mainly due to safety (though that advert about the organs seems a bit off), and partially because I'll get a fine for it if I don't.


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I always wear seatbelts, and won't start driving until everyone is wearing one. I'm especially careful if I've got young kids in my car and double check they're wearing one.