Your school habits


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How would you rate your school habits out of 10?

I would have to say 7 because I am a 70% student usually but I have never really pushed myself. I have always seemed to procrastinate and I know if I truely tried 100% I could be a 80-85% student.

Is there any ways this can be ''treated'' it's almost like a disease for me.


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I'd rate myself about a 70% too. I always finish my work and pass most tests but I could study more to get better grades. Oh, And there is no cure except to work harder:D

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I'm going to go with 9 I always try my hardest in school, I may not get perfect grades but I do on average get about a 90% in all of my classes except for Spanish.


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I'm going to go with 9 I always try my hardest in school, I may not get perfect grades but I do on average get about a 90% in all of my classes except for Spanish.
That's really good. It's hard for me really but I know I could do better.
I'd give myself a 5.5 out of 10, based on how sometimes I do my work well before its due and get a good grade, and sometimes I do it at the last minute and still get good grades.


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60% I really want to do well I just don't put the time in. I think to myself yeah I will do this work really well but then leave it to the last minute.. I really gotta up my game.

Half the time I'm sat in a lesson either staring at the board daydreaming about girls, what I'm going to do at break and that evening. So when I release I've been asked something I'm like crap!! So yeah that doesn't help either. Also I think I would do better if I was good at the subject :p (what a great excuse).

But seriously I think that I would do a lot better in some subjects if certain people were not in my class and if I had a teacher who didn't annoy me or who I hated :cool:
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I would have to say I'm a 8 or 9. I work really hard to get the grades I do. I was on high honor roll in high school and have above average grades in college now.


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I always do my work and pass tests. But I never do anything really oustanding. I do well enough at school. So I would rate myself at 70%


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I'd say I used to be 8-9, but am now at a 3 or 4. I procrastinate like crazy and often do homework a couple classes before it's due or just copy someone else's. As a result of procrastinating so much, I sleep a lot later and sleep a lot more frequently during class. I still manage to learn most of the material and pass my classes, but going from a straight A to a B/C student isn't too great. I also failed my first class this year, but my teacher was nice enough to bump it up to a 70.

Luckily, I started declining at the end of junior year and senior year, so my transcript doesn't look too bad.


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I'm going to go in depth with this, haha.

Up until 8th grade, I was a 10 student. Loved school, loved being there with my friends..loved having In-School Suspension so I could get away from my asshole teachers for a week.

9th grade..I was an 8

10th grade I was a 7..started playing Football so all I did was sleep

11th grade I was a 9 during Football season, a 6 when it wasn't there.

12th grade..I was a 10 during Fooball season..and a 1 when it wasn't here..

My senior year, out of the 8 classes we had a day..I had missed 106 classes before the 1st Semester was over..and that was only AFTER Football season so I missed almost all them classes in the 2nd marking period of the 1st Semester.


The first half of the 1st Semester my Freshmen year (now) I was probably an 8, but then once I was told I wasn't going allowed to be here for the next semester..I went down to like a 3
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