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Your schedule this semester?


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This is a topic for those of you that are in high school or college (like me).

What is your schedule this semester?

I know people that like to essentially binge all of their classes into two days of the week and really just burn themselves out for 8-10 hours on each of those days, I am not like this.

I have my schedule spread out so I can do some school work every day, I hate being stuck for long periods of time.

Here are the classes I'm taking this semester (I'll have my AA at the end of this semester)

-Public Speaking
-Business Statistics
-Advanced Accounting

I'm most excited for advanced accounting. I loved my teacher and the coursework for the last one, I have the same teacher this semester.

How does your schedule look?


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Anthropology, some addition to a biology course, Macroeconomics (I'll be using the book I got for it to study Microeconomics on my own), Stats, and some terrible mandatory Speech class.


After this I only have one more semester left and it will only be two classes, a gym/PE credit, and a western philosophy class. Then it is on to nursing and then out of the United States.


I started this semester with:

3D Animation
Video Production
Design Studio
Advanced 3D

I recently dropped advanced 3D due to stress and anxiety issues and will continue it next year instead.

I have one class a day from Monday-Thursday, so I have Friday and the weekend off. Last semester I put all my classes on Tuesday and Wednesday and had a 2 day week and 5 day weekend. I did like it but those two days were very draining.


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12-12:50 - General View of Mathematics
1-1:50 - Spinning (dropping this once I find a class I want to take in place of it.. possibly going to just drop it and move my Math class up to this slot)
2-2:50 - The Holocaust
3-3:50 - World History to the 1500s
4-5:15 - Human Biology
5:30-6:45 - Ancient Medieval Art (probably dropping this as well, may take it at a future time)


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I've got two subjects during this semester, so twice a week with two classes a day. I am pretty happy with it because I also work 40 hours a week.


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All online courses

SQL Server 2012

Plus I have to study for the CCNA that I have to take by the end of September beause they are putting out a new test Oct 1 which I am NOT going to take.

And my job

Just did 8 labs for the MS courses and one database assignment. Now I have to read 8 chapters and take 10 quizzes as well as do another database assignment for next week.


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I should specify that my Business Statistics class is online. I took business law and communication online over the summer and really liked it (for the most part).

I definitely enjoy online classes but there are some things that I just can't learn online. I very much prefer the classroom setting for accounting and geology and public speaking are only available in the class room. Geology has active labs that can't be done online.


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My schedule this semester...

On Campus
-Business Calculus
-Quantitative Statistical Analysis

-Intro to Marketing
-Information Systems - Microsoft Office 2013
-Integrated Skills for Management

I'm not going to lie. All of the online courses are stressing me out because there are tons of random services you have to sign up for to submit assignments and whatnot. The teachers aren't always clear on what exactly is due and when. You really have to watch yourself when taking online classes.

I'm also not the most comfortable with math, that's assuredly going to be hard for me.