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For a Free Scotland
With NBA and NHL playoffs going on, let's have a little fun, eh? Post your rep record:

A win is any green rep.
A loss is any red rep.
A tie is any grey rep (rep by users with a couple of posts).

Win's 2 pts, loss is -1 point, tie is no points.

Don't editorialize it by complaining about red reps or anything, keep it positive and fun.

And yes, I just made this thing up right now. I've got a half an hour until I can go to the Sharks-Red Wings game and I'm antsy.


Mine's 45-5-1 for 85 points.
Tan did in theReputation thread for Hoosier... he negged just about everybody in that thread. He probably thought I was getting too much attention and had to throw a negative in there! But its cool...I took it as not being serious!

I still got luv for him!


For a Free Scotland
Current standings

Kaz: 85 points, 90 pos
Alex: 64 points, 85 pos
Henskie: 24 points, 100 pos
Merc: 74 points, 100 pos
Hinata: 37 points, 95 pos
Bishop: 16 points, 89 pos

I'm a big points honcho, but I sure got a lousy percentage.