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Your relationship with your manager


Sally Twit
Do you get along well with your manager? Do you dislike him/her?

It's as though I don't exist in my manager's eyes. He only speaks to me if he needs me to do something or if he has to ask me a question that only I can answer.
When I first joined his team I didn't exactly work for him. I was doing another project but needed a manager because everyone needs a manager in the company, unless you're really high up. He knew from the start that he wouldn't get paid for anything I did where as he does get paid based on the performance of everyone else in my team.
One of the first things he said when I joined the team was that he was going to support me and would help me. What a load of bullshit. He only cares about himself and his wage packet.
He is a gross man anyway. He burps in the office, he constantly swears, he's always putting his pen and his ear and looks at it when he takes it out. He makes me feel sick.


Ms. Malone
My manager doesn't know my name, she only talks to me if she needs me to do something (which only happens if the big boss is on site) and she never said a word when i went in the office after i cut myself with a knife today - no 'are you alright?', no 'how did you manage that?' or nothing.

It wasn't a big cut, and my supervisor took this piss :lol:, but the handyman/previous weekend manager seemed more concerned that she did.

I don't think anyone really likes her, she doesn't even care about the animals.


It's not me, it's you.
My relationship with the boss has its up and downs. He mostly seems to have my best interests in mind for the big picture. He tries to volunteer me for work opportunities that will show off my talents to the big boss...lessening the possibilities for them to get rid of me if there are cut backs. Sometimes we even nerd out when discussing Harry Potter and actually get along quite well whenever a new movie comes out and we can discuss it in depth. lol

On the other hand, he's also a dick sometimes. If he's under any stress whatsoever, he will take it out on me by being mean or rude. He has me do menial tasks that take him longer to instruct than it would be to just do it himself. For example, I have been on vacation for the past couple of weeks, only coming in on the 2 busiest days of the week to help out. I come back this week and he has a stack of papers 1/4" thick that he wrote a note on to 3 hole punch and put in the binder. He could have done that himself by the time he finished writing the note. It's not that hard, especially when using the heavy duty 3 hole punch. It's small things like that, that makes me think he's just asserting his power over me.


Registered Member
Where I work, in a petrol station/shop - I'm assistant manager, so I work pretty close to the manager. I find her pretty cool to work with, although she is aging and it won't be long before she retires (supposedly leaving me her job when she does) - as a result, she has lately seemed to lose either the knack or desire to do her job as much. So I have to do a lot of her duties for her.
It's cool with me as it serves as training should I acquire her role in the future.

A lot of the cashiers are women, and a number are in their forties/fifties and so gossip and bitchtalk always filters through to me, as they regard me as an mipartial person to confide in on opinions about the manager. I humour the majority mostly because I couldn't give a shit about what they're on about on the basis that is usually isn't that important (Usually some sort of rule or thing the manager has had to enforce or do that they don't like, that will be over with and forgotten in the office in a week or less).
A number of other staff members think she's a great manager. And really like her, and would do their best by her. I like them most in general, mostly because they never moan to me about anything, and also because they're generally right.

As much I do have a few differing ideas to her managerial style, I do consider her to do a great job. Her technical skills, in terms of making sure the shop's stock is AOK and her general 'firm but fair' attitude seems good with me.

Maybe it's because I work in close quarters with her and have gotten to know her. To the point where a chat is commonplace and our senses of humour etc have become to be appreciated by the pair of us. the staff that don't like her are either those that make a lot of mistakes and need pulling up on them, are embittered and are generally biased, or are those that simply don't know her well enough.
I don't get it though, because the staff members that do like her might not 'know' her that well either, but see her as being a good manager.

In all, I have a good relationship with my manager - fair enough, I won't be having her over the photocopier because she's old enough to be grandmother, and I have standards - but nonetheless, I reckon a friendship between me as Asst Manager and her as manager is pretty important. As is my relationship with the cashiers. To be honest, I get along with everyone, either because they're genuine and understanding friends and people I like, or because I'm excellent at lying in the sense that I humour them and make them believe I agree with their opinions. Even if I don't. -- I reckon what I do, and the healthy relationships I keep at work with staff is a positive thing for the business, and that's my main concern. Keeping that ship afloat, I fucking love my job (so it's only a shop, honestly it's a bloody awesome place) and will do anything to keep it.
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Creeping On You
My boss is awesome. He's not a hovering boss. He only comes out when he needs to know something, or to let us know stuff. If we fuck up, he doesn't get mad, he just tells us where we fucked up and tells us how to fix it. He's fun to joke around with too haha. We always bug him cause he's balding lawl. He balances sternness and friendliness in a really great way. Second best boss I've ever had.


Registered Member
im currently not working, but in the past ive had bad bosses, the supervisors are normally really nice and supportive but one manager called me an indecent human all because i was ill one day and didnt manage to call in the exact amount of time i should of before my shift started, i explained to her the reason was id had to go to a payfone and was being sick all day...when i was 15 i had a part time job in a chinease and accidentaly dropped a spring roll my boss started shouting in chinease and kicked a bottle of juice across the floor, that was actually hilarious, but sometimes i think bosses think they are better than you because they are higher up the ladder.


Registered Member
I don't really have a manager......but I get along really well with all the other teachers and office staff and principal :)
It's the children I have troubles with *ha* (kidding)
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Registered Member
Usually I tolerate them. Initially things will be good, but inevitably the relationship deteroriates. I have one of those kind of temperaments that needs autonomy and decision making power. Managers just get in my way! It's been very lucky I've got to work as a consultant for the last 10 years. (That's coming to and end soon though).


Mark ov teh Pond
I got along great with almost all bosses, at every job. Except for one. When I was a cook at the casino. Firstly, I hate casinos. I don't miss the atmosphere one bit, nor all the noise pollution. Anyways, I had 7 supervisors and I don't miss any of them. I'm starting to think they dumped every asshole in a suit in my department on purpose. Because they all shared very similar qualities. None of which I can stand. The stories are too long to share.

The most memorial bosses for me would be when I worked at an all seasons department store. My boss was really laid back, cool, and we went out after work often. This was when I had a life, of course. One thing he use to do me is when I wanted something, like an early break, or swap with someone, he'd slowly reach in his back pocket, pull out his wallet and hand me a $1 bill saying, "get me a Coke and a smile." Lol.

I should also note that he allowed his girlfriend to flash me one night at a party. And one of the few times I ever got drunk, or "shiftfaced" was with him. I woke up on his bathroom floor in piles of black puke (don't let people fix your jag bombs for you) wearing his girlfriends pink fuzzy vest. Unfortunately that photo did not survive *whistles*. And we discovered later my shirt was found on the rooftop of the party we came from. I do miss him lots, he was a great boss and stuck his neck out for me at work plenty of times.

Second would be my most recent boss, at the Coffee house. It was family operated, as my boss was a Sheriff, his wife a cop, and her mother a nurse. Well, retired and actually running the place. They really made me feel at home. I was the resident handy man, and gopher. I was the jack-of-all-trades guy that ran errands outside the shop and everything. I really enjoyed it there and miss the responsibility. I do have his contact and maybe someday I might have him put in a good word for me and even pursue a career in law enforcement myself, but I don't know if uniforms are for me.


I'm serious
WOW. Some of you have horrible bosses. The company I work for has an amazing dynamic when it comes to employees. My direct manager and i work very closely together. But that is just the nature of the work. Our CEO knows every single person in the company's name and what account(s) they are working on and what is happening on those accounts. He comes by each desk at least 3 times a week.

It's a family owned and run company and a very close knit culture. I really do love my company. And appreciate it more when I hear things like what you guys say about your managers.