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Your PSN Name


What's your PSN name and what multiplayer games do you have?

Mine is Konshentz.

And since I've switched to the PS4, I only have Killzone: Shadow Fall and Need For Speed Rivals for online games.


I ♥ Haters
I tend to use my PS3/PS4 as my "console of solitude" - as in I don't tend to game online much but if anyone wants, they're more than welcome to add me:


Although, I don't have a wide selection of PS4 games - just Outlast, COD: Ghosts, NBA and FIFA... the last three I haven't even played yet. Well, maybe FIFA for a few moments but they're not really my cup of tea.

Also, since none of the people I usually game with/chat with haven't made the jump to PSN, I'm a lot easier to get a hold of on XBL - CaliBearSmells


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
Mine is bizwiz5. I usually mostly play COD games. Most recently, I play Ghost.