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Your Pride And Joy


Supreme System Lord
What's your pride and joy in life?

What do you cherish more than anything?

For me it has to be my set of Man United's football shirts for this season.
They cost me a fortune but I hang them with pride and I wear them with pride.

Here are a few pics I took today!

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No Custom Title Exists
After a long thinking I have to say my Dunlop Volleys, I've had this shoes for a year now and they've been to Serbia and back and I really grew atttached to them, they still look brand new..kinda.


yellow 4!
It would have to be my signed Ronnie poster :D

Or this thing my mum made for me, for my 18th birthday last year. Its like a flimsy board and frame, filled with cut out photos of just about every single person I've ever know. I love that.


Son of Liberty
Currently my most prized Collectors item that I would definitely call my pride and joy is my Signed Alternate edition of the McFarlane figure of Alexander Ovechkin.

This isnt mine, however its the exact one I have. But in the Wrapping/ Box still

its like this but with that plastic sheet of ice signed and stuffed so you can see it in the background:



The Instigator
I have a huge frog collection.. but one frog out of the bunch stands out the most. Really, only because it's my favorite. It's a stuffed animal. He is gold, and he has a lazy eye. I just love him, and I have since I was little. My momma gave him to me, to start off my frog collection. :p


Alot of people cherish signed things. I cherish my coin collection, none of them are signed tho, but each coin is special.