Your preferred look in your art?


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When you draw or paint something, be it on the computer or through conventional methods, what "look" are you aiming for?

Do you have a preferred look that you try to achieve in all of your pieces or does your work all look different from each other?

I have been doing a lot of digital painting lately and I think the look I've settled on is the "digital" look. I know a lot of people like to get that conventional painted look on the computer, but I prefer my pieces to have the finest detail even when looked at closely.

Currently I'm experimenting with different techniques and trying to achieve a look almost identical to the Warcraft box art. I believe these pieces are a compilation of 3D models AND digital painting, but I'm attempting to achieve the look through digital painting alone. This is the look I would like to master and use for most of my pieces in the future.

I'll post my piece when it's done so you guys can critique it. In the meantime, talk about the look that you aim for in your art and post examples if you have any!
I don't really aim for anything as such, just the traditional route. Even when I draw on the computer it's only because it's much easier to colour. I love doing pop art and you get a much better effect on the patterns etc, but yeah, that's the only thing I do, nothing digital looking. Everything else is usually hand drawn and I like the focus to be on lines, if that makes any sense. Despite drawing for as long as I can remember, I'm still an amateur and always will be so I would never aim for anything too complicated. Looking forward to seeing your piece!


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I haven't done much painting/drawing recently but when I get around to actually doing it........I tend to go for a somewhat 'realistic look'.


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I'm strictly a hand-drawing and -painting guy. Therefore inevitably my artwork has the same "signature" at any given time, just as handwriting has a particular recognisable look to it. I do attempt as much realism as my technical ability will allow, and I do try to accurately portray lighting conditions and colours. That aside, my work does inevitably have its own "look", which is a good thing: you can always tell it's by me if you know my work.
However, I won't be submitting my stuff any time soon for any critiquing, for the following reasons.
It's not cowardice, it is I suppose my right to my own particular path to my own particular goal, without unnecessary distraction. It may sound arrogant to many, but only I know what I'm aiming for with my art, and only I therefore can know what it needs, and what improvements I need to make. When I've put one of my creations out there, the only valid feedback (for me) is: I like it/dislike it, with perhaps general reasons, which I may or may not consider. I neither want nor need advice on how to make a particular work better. I suppose it is a fine line and I don't want to offend anybody, but I as an artist have to find my own way.
Art, music, literature, these are fields in particular where there are too many critics, too much comparison to different genres, the past, what others happen to be doing, etc. What they really need is individuals. People with unique, unyielding, intransigent visions, untrammeled by the throwaway and careless and ultimately valueless comments and opinions of the often disinterested and feckless passer-by. Heh, if, for example, Michelangelo had listened to "people", David would never have emerged from marble: What! you're going to try and carve from that huge rock? You'll kill yourself! You mark my words.
I hope people understand what I'm saying.
Saying all that, I think your stuff's first-rate, Hybrix.
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99% of my art work is done in pencil, the few colour pieces I have done I have never been happy with.
I guess the only look my work has is the fact that I knock them out within 20 minutes.
Years ago I took weeks maybe months over a drawing, now my hand hurts after 20 minutes of holding a pencil and cramps up so all my work is speed drawing now.


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i think the first picture is very natural,especially his eyes and stubble beard. it is difficult for me to accept the second one, for i do not like this kind of style