Your Posting Stats (averages and totals)


Guardian of the Light
Well as I'm sure you all know under your profile in statistics you can see how many posts you average and how many posts you have total.

Here is my stuff

  • Total Posts: 2,470
  • Posts Per Day: 10.43

I almost average 10.5 posts per day but just not quite, I'll get there though.


For a Free Scotland
  • Total Posts: 4,129
  • Posts Per Day: 8.01
Considering that after our big hack attack we had to make profiles over and assign the old post numbers to our profiles, it's more like 6 posts a day.


Certified Shitlord
  • Total Posts: 7,317
  • Posts Per Day: 14.19
The legend lives on.


No Custom Title Exists
Total Posts: 5,253
Posts Per Day: 10.18

It's meant to be around 6 or 7 ppd. Since that hack.

That is going to drop down, since I'll be off for three months.


4 legs good 2 legs bad
Total Posts: 3,840
Posts Per Day: 2.94

My PPD is really low, but I've been here for several years and have left for a few months at a time. Plus it used to be really dead here, so it was hard to find stuff worth replying to. I think I've had over 2,000 posts since the merge. Less than 2,000 posts in the three years prior to that.