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MLB Your Posteason Predictions

A little over a month left of the regular season. What are your predictions? Who will face whom, and who will triumph?


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AL: The Angels look solid. Oakland is playing well. Detroit has a powerful team. Either of these 3 to win the AL
NL: LA Dodgers have to be in talks with Kershaw on the team. the rest of the pitchers will ahve to step up. Milwaukee looks pretty good. I can see St.Louis doing some damage. Either of those to win NL.

World Series: I put LA vs. LA. Both are just too solid and palyign well. It could be an all California matchup.


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O's/Royals/A's are division winners, Angels/Mariners are Wild Cards

Nats/Brewers/Dodgers win the divisions, Cardinals/Pirates are Wild Cards

I was rooting for Angels/Dodgers because of Trout vs. Kershaw, but, with Garrett Richards out, I don't think they'll make it. My new prediction is Dodgers over A's.

Personally, if the Orioles and Cards don't win, I'll be happy.


The return shall be legenday!
NLE - Nationals
NLC - Brewers
NLW - Dodgers
NL WC's - Pirates & Giants
ALE - Orioles
ALC - Tigers
ALW - Angels
AL WC's - A's & Mariners


The return shall be legenday!
Rontzeeez said:
I like Seattle, they might surprise.
They have a scary rotation with solid young hitters, and veteran leadership(I know fans hate that word but I do believe in it). It wouldn't surprise me seeing them take the American League Championship. I also want to see Felix Hernandez in a playoff game.
For the AL, my pick is the Angels. That team is solid top to bottom, hitting and pitching. I don't recall them having too much of a bad drought, which is what you need to gain momentum and boost your confidence for postseason.

As for the NL, I wanna say the Nationals but given that they're unproven in playoffs, I tend to lean towards the Dodgers too. I believe that the possibility of having a Nationals-Dodgers NLCS is very real and it would come down to if somehow Stephen Strasburg & Gio Gonzalez can somehow match what Clayton Kershaw can do on the mound. So, for me it's either Angels vs Dodgers or Angels vs Nationals.


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I'm not necessarily predicting it, but I really hope the Mariners finally make it to the playoffs this year. I wish we were a little less erratic, and we could use more hitting, but I like the team overall.
Yeah, I must admit that the Mariners are having quite the run. They're taking advantage of the A's collapse since trade deadline and they could definitely grab one of the wildcard spots. And if they do, don't take them lightly. They're gonna be on a mission.