Your political campaign

If you were running for president of the United States (or leader of your country) what issues would you focus on?
What do you consider important enough to lobby for a change?

For me, it would be health care. I think everyone should have the opportunity to see a doctor when the need arises.
Wow, I wouldn't know where to begin. I'll stick with domestic affairs. Health care needs attention here too. NHS waiting times are absurd, as my sister is currently witnessing. They need to be reduced, significantly. Knife crime would take high priority too. Harsher penalties and deterrents. Energy costs need scrutinizing. They are spiraling out of control here. Our binge drinking culture needs tackling too. I also would have given the public a referendum on the EU treaty.

Reporter: So, Prime Minister Syndicate, how do you propose to solve all these issues?

I uh.. well, um.. f__k you! That's how.


Ms. Malone
A friend and i came up with an idea to keep ze immergrants out.

Water Mines!

You can't bomb your own land...or water, but if you put mines there they're the ones setting them off-win, win!

Other issues...more love for the Armed Forces, some poor lad on injury leave was denied a bed in a hotel because he was in the Army; shame on those people!

NHS needs improving and something needs to be done about petrol prices!

However, if i could run for President of the US i would bring in a NHS type service.


Son of Liberty
I'd be all about Domestic Issues.

I'm a very strong Isolationist in the sense I feel we have enough issues on our own soil to keep us busy for a long time. All the money we pour into outside countries could in my opinion be put to better use into our own citizens and business. I dont like the fact that we are expected to be the fund raiser for third world countries. Call me cruel but I've never understood the reasoning behind those whose "Heart bleeds but not for fellow man".

my top three hot topics would include

-Privatization of Health Care/Social Security
-Immigration Reform

I'm sure there are more that should be considered, but off the top of my head those are the three I feel really need to be worked on.

And also being an Isolationist, I'd be out of the middle east and strengthening our borders and sea ports. Focus more on armed services reserves than active duty and pump funds into Military R&D. I've always believed the more money we spend on Military technology....the more goodies we as Civilians get filtered down.


Lion Rampant
I would unite the Americas into one uber-nation called the United Continents of America with its capital located in Cabo San Lucas.


Son of Liberty
:hah: you my friend would create some über debt with that move. But one thing is for sure.....We as a nation would be literally unstoppable at the olympics when it comes to beach sports!