your personal sports accomplishments


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i was setting up my graduation party when i realized that ive accomplished alot like...

2 time state champ, tennis
4 time regional champ, tennis
4 time district champ, tennis
2 time team state qualifier, wrestling
2 time individual regional 4th place, wrestling
2 time individual district champ, wrestling
10 varsity letters


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umm wow you're really good.

lets see what I had.

nothing that compares to that

4th place 100m dash in regionals

that's it, wow you're so much better than I am.
undefeted in soccer for 6 years straight
went to state for swimming then threw my shoulder out (tore the deltoid) so i had to quit
only girl to play football on the middle school team
only girl on the wrestling team in elementry school.....

mostly my achievements are academic cause i get hurt to easy..


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I made it to my varsity team (bowling and volleyball). I wasn't the best player and my teams didn't even win :lol:. But making the cut was the best personal sports achievement I can think of. LOL


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- My High School Best basketball player for three straight years
- Won 4 Golds in Basketball Tournaments
- Named MVP 3 times
- Best defensive player in Baseball for two years
- Won the Batting Title for one year
- Won Third Place in 100m dash at the Terry Fox Competetion

If I wasn't in class at High School I was usually at the Gym playing basketball and baseball after school. Loved it to death.
Won 3rd place in the 100 meter dash when I was like, 11

Best award I could think of. Wow, I have no real accomplishments for when I was a wrestler other than always being "on weight" for the 152 class.