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Your Personal Plans for the New Year


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Not a resolution, but what are your big plans for this new year of 2017? Are you going to travel more? Do you plan to get out of your comfort and try something new?

Honestly for me, this year the hubs and myself are saving up for a house, so many of my activities are back seated until then. But on a personal level, I'll be attending more classes at college to play the game of catch up. Also, I'm on day 3 of no smoking with the help of smoking patches, and hitting the gym regularly again. It's a small start, but I plan to make this a productive year all around.



I ♥ Haters
Light travelling is something I'll definitely be doing more of this year. Being an introvert, I don't like going out much so travelling to a few states in the US is a bit out of my comfort zone for sure. Same with camping and hiking. I borderline hate those activities, but I'm going to ahead and give it a go this year.

I'm thinking about starting a gym regiment. I bought a membership to a 24/7 gym on a whim last year and never ended up going. I figure that since I'm mentally well, it's time to get my ass into gear and get physically well as well. Speaking of which, I plan to still attend group therapy and continue seeing a psychiatrist as long as I need to. In the past I had a habit of becoming impatient and quitting so I won't be doing that anymore, even if I am currently doing well.


Free Spirit
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I really don't have any set plans. Its not unusual for us to decide something on the spur of the moment and do it. One time while camping we decided to go to Texas to see a relative. Packed up camp at 5pm and was headed to Texas by midnight. Sort of got into it with a cop at a stop light going through Arkansas. Ass hole wouldn't dim his lights and I asked twice by putting mine on bright and back to dim. Since he wouldn't I gave him the brights and left them there. Both our windows were down so I could hear him cussing me when he went by but he didn't stop me.