Your Personal Bests


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Aside from the NHL talk for a second. I was wondering some of your bet personal hockey games or seasons ever. It can be for ball or ice hockey but please specify when you do post. All of mine btw are ball hockey because I can not play ice hockey where im from due to a lack of interest for a team and a lack of proper facilites.

Best game - When I played a teacher at my school 1-on-1 for the first time. When you play 1-on-1 its much harder then playing 5-on-5 because you have to be both your defence and your offence for your game. You need to be well conditioned to be able to play well enough to get into the game and stay in it. We played for 30 minutes straight and I had a high school full of seniors against me. Well maybe like 50 or 60 people but still its hard to rise over them but I did and pulled out a 5-3 upset win.

Most goals in a game - 25 in a game earlier this year. It was just a random game set up between some students in the school who asked me to play and they didn't know how good I was and I really tore up you could say. 25 out of 26 goals and I assisted on the other one. The final btw was 26-5. We destroyed them.

Nicest Goal - Its hard to describe but picture somebody starting on one end of a gym and running right to the other end and deaking out all 5 opponents and then chipping a backhander home to win the game. It was a good goal and im proud to be able to say I was able to score it. Either that goal or I went Marek Malik like between the legs and I was tripped on the play which made it better.

Most Points In 1 Game - 34. Absoultely crazy game. We played in school one day for 3 and a half hours and the final score of the game was something like 45-42 or something and I got 34 points for the winning team which was cool. I was almost dead after the game but oh well. Btw for the record it was 20 goals and 14 assists.

Most Wins In A Row - This is the actual truth , I have not lost a game of hockey since this past summer. Since then I've played about 50-60 or something like that. It's really hard to beat me really because I usually have a strong goalie and I can score at will when im having a good game.

Biggest Check - I remember a few years ago we were playing in St.Johns with some friends and I tried to hip check one guy in front of the net for some reason and he went a little high and he hit the top of the net and fell and cracked 3 teeth open and got a mild concussion. It was a scary hit but I didn't mean anything from it. It was unintentional really because techinally I had bent down to tie my shoe but from the people I played with it was a hip check.

Worst Hockey Injury - This was funny , In the 6th grade I had a broken arm but I still played that day and I was checked from behind into the boards and my cast broken and my arm broke in another place. It took me 3 extra weeks to heal but I guess that would be the worst one. Either that or tearing all the ligaments in my knee out due to blocking a very fast shot. Either or.

I would love to hear any comments about mine and I would love to hear any ones of your own so please don't be afraid to post =D


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Okay a change to my goal , Today we were in gym class and I went behind my net to kill some time and I shot the ball on a dump it but it went like a bullet and it went top corner and yes I was on the other end of the gym. My friends said it was the best shot they have ever seen but I think I've seen better.