Your perfect day


The return shall be legenday!
Describe your perfect day, from the time you wake up till the moment you close your eyes. Or just tell me one thing that would happen:

Where would you be?
What would you do?
What would happen?


rainbow 11!
My perfect day would be me being home alone. Completely home alone, my parents, my brother, gone. Working, doing whatever they happen to be doing. I would be able to do whatever I wanted whenever I wanted. I hate having to tip toe around the house, I feel as though I'm walking on egg shells and constantly on edge. The only time I get relief is if I am home alone.

It would also include talking or hanging out with the people I love talking to and hanging out with. lol
I've already had a perfect day. Do you suppose you're allowed more than one?

I think starting off with breakfast in bed would be nice. Then going on a long bike ride to the water, and doing nothing more after that than sitting around and reading a book.
Boring, but relaxing.


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Perfect day:
On the beach in Destin, Florida, slathered in sunblock, sitting under my umbrella reading a book, watching the kids play in the sand. Dinner at a nice restaurant & relaxing in a cozy bed.
Oh yeah, and not being sick!


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Wake up early and watch the sunrise, hike all day, watch the sunset, and then camp. So basically any day on one of my hiking trips, as long as the weather is good.


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My perfect day would be waking up on a bungalow on the sea (yes, on stilts in the sea) in Maldives. It would include 2 dives back to back(ish) in the morning and then the rest of the afternoon chilling under a palm tree breathing in the calmness and serenity of a secluded experience. I would be sharing this with my SO, obviously!!


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Finishing a final edit on a book would make a perfect enough day for me, but I guess I wouldn't knock waking up with seventy obedient virgins ringing my heavenly bed, either.


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Wake up to my kids laughter, spend the morning wrestling with the two youngest, around ten head out with my eldest for a couple of hours of her raiding my wallet for shopping money then home.

Around one all sit down to a nice picnic in the park weather permitting.
At around four I would head to my local lakes for some evening fishing until the sun goes down, then home for a few drinks and something to eat.

I guess im lucky as I get to this a few times in the summer.


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I like to wake up pour myself a glass of orange juice mix some 99 Banana liqueur. Sit on the patio and watch the clouds roll by along with watching the hummingbirds fly around the fountain. Listen to some Rush on the Ipod.